Inner music the words make

A.. B...C...D...E...

I’ve been writing this blog for a number of years and its hard to stay inspired sometimes. I’m often bitching an moaning that i cant think of another thing to write. It’s hard to come up with article after article post after post trying to stay at least a tiny bit relevant and amusing. In doing that I’m often scouring the web and other blogs for other writers to read and other blogs to steal ideas from be inspired by.  I happened across the EdenCafe and was actually quite surprised by it. Lots of stuff up there from interviews with porn stars to stories about male hookers (OK that one was written by Monica Shores, who I’ve long been a fan of) but the point being there’s a lot of good reads there and a lot of interesting voices.



Example: while distracting myself and procrastinate making fetish clips ( i know right!) i cam across n interesting link on the Twitter. Yes, i love the Twitter. It was about the slut walk in Toronto. Seems a bunch of ladies took the the street up there in the great white north to protest an incident where a Toronto cop told a classroom full of students at York University that to avoid rape they should avoid dressing like a slut. even though the Officer allegedly received further training for his ridiculous statement and fucked up antiquated slut shaming attitude it wasn’t enough for 1,50 protesters who took to the street for a “SlutWalk” good for them! after reading this story i realized it was a Sexis story and on the eden fantasy blog.

So its a good find there are lots of hidden gems and lots of sexy, sex poz stories, reporting, articles to both inspire and steal okay maybe just get inspired from. I got it in my Google reader and will be checking out out often. Just thought i’d share a little.




The holidays are fast approaching and last night we just changed the clocks (fall back!) its as close to actual seasons we get out here in sunny Southern California. There are some changes in the world of Jenny as well.

Touring: My touring is on hold. I may make it out to a few cities for weekends but i wont be doing any extensive touring until after the first of the year an even then i’m not sure when it will pick back up. I’m still available to travel for overnights but those need to be on the weekends with a bit of prior notice.

Escort availability: Real word responsibilities has once again decreased my availability. Daytime appointments are no longer available unless its on the weekend. I will still be available evenings but last minute get together are unlikely. If you are a last minute kinda person, pre-screening is really the way to go. I wont be able to screen and get together last minute.  Booking in advance is really how I’m going to have to do things for a while.

Phone session availability: Pretty much the same as my escort availability though i will have the phone on some early mornings. But late night the phone will be off. Sorry late night phone friends.

I’ve also decided to give away some free photoshoots for ladies ( or gents) who need them. The details are on my photography site. I recently played a bunch of lip service to “giving back to your community” and im going to put my money/time where my mouth is.

I will continue to add fun clips to both my KinkBomb clip studio and to my Clips4sale studio. I have a plan to keep them updated with new content. So do not fret fetish lovers!

2% butterscotch ripple

Do not try to shortchange the Muse

I write. True I also  fuck for money but I write for money too. Since I started writing professionally I have run into my fair share of writers block. Though I do on occasion use prompts to help get my creative juices flowing, most of the time  when blocked I look feverishly for inspiration where ever I can find it. When getting creatively blocked as an escort (yes being an escort has a creative slant to it, seriously it does) you can do a few things to get your mojo back. My favorite being the “fake it until you make it” response. It’s not so easy to fake it until you make it when you’re dealing with concept, story structure and word play. You cant close your eyes, put a sly smile on your face and mumble how fucking amazing that cock tastes in your mouth, then shut your mind off and let your body’s physical response take over. With writing you have to think. Its required to be present, unless you’re writing some 9th grade stream of conscious bullshit that’s really not creative at all but self indulgent crap-ola.

The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt

When I was in advertising I made inspiration boards. Huge white board that adorned my office walls littered with all kinds of scrap, as it was called in the trade. Bits and pieces of things I liked. Ads, designs, tag lines, pictures. Anything really, mine usually had an over abundance of naked people and religious icons.  I would tack stuff on my boards and when I needed inspiration for whatever project or campaign was working on, I would melt into my boards and usually emerge with a spark of an idea I could then build upon and eventually take to my team for some real development. It’s not easy to be creative on demand. It’s a learned skill and there are tricks to the trade. Writing however is fairly new to me (well for money and on deadline) With writing you cant fall into your body and ask it for help, you cant rely on collected bits of images glued to a board.

You need to have something to say…

I’m slowly developing a bank of words, concepts, thoughts and ideas to go to for a creative jump start when I need one. One of my favorite go to places for creative inspiration is Willy Wonka. The book, the movie, the new movie. Inevitably I will wonder off on a whole Gene Wilder track. He’s always been one of my favorite actors/artists/funnymen/geniuses. That doesn’t always jump start my juices but at least I will be entertained while looking for the flow and not so frustrated and angry that I can’t write.

“We are the music makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
And sitting by desolate streams;—
World-losers and world-forsakers,
On whom the pale moon gleams:
Yet we are the movers and shakers
Of the world for ever, it seems.”

Though the first line is the most famous and used in the first Wonka movie,  it’s from a poem called Ode written by Arthur O’Shaughnessy. The term “movers and shakers” was taken from this great little collection of words and O’Shaughnessy too, is a favorite of mine. I do dig me some dead Irish Poet.

So as I sit here unable to find a way inside, unable to dig up something interesting to say…I tell myself… then I suddenly remember….

I am the music maker and I am the dreamer of the dream.