P411 Infiltrated

Screening services are designed to keep escorts safe from arrest. They in theory are places legitimate escorts register to be able to hook up with legitimate potential clients. Legitimate in this case when referring to clients means not the cops. A screening service will screen a potential by often doing a work verification. Making sure that whoever, is really Joe the plumber and not Jack the cop. I’m not sure how they do their client screens but I know how I do them and its pretty extensive. There are many ways to verify someones employment. Visa does it all the time and I personally employ some of Visa’s methods. No I wont tell you what they are. You have to be on your game. The smarter the cops get the more you have to vary your methods.

Well it seems as if a very popular screening service was infiltrated and a bunch of ladies got arrested. The screening services isn’t fully to blame but they need to take the brunt of it. It seems a handful of ladies met with this undercover and pronounced him legit when they didn’t fuck him for cash. They met him in a public place (for cash) had a nice little meet and greet then when on their way. They then OK’d him. Which is pretty careless to say the least but then again they thought he had been screened by the screening service. So lets just say everyone fucked up because they were lazy or greedy or just plain stupid. You pick.

Which brings me to my main point, you must screen for yourself. Do not trust anyone to do it for you. Yes screening services can help. Use them as a tool, don’t rely on them. Yes, Oks and references help but use them as one of the things you do to verify a client. For gods sake if someone Oks someone on a screening service follow up  with a polite email asking for a reference. Now I don’t know if that would have helped in this case and for all I know some of the 22 arrested did just that but you must be diligent and you must double and triple check and if anything seems funny, it is funny and run don’t walk away from that appointment. Do not outsource your safety and freedom to a screening service. Ever. Or you just might get caught up in something you could have avoided.

As if Colorado didn’t have enough to do dealing with wildfires clearly busting hookers is the best way they can come up with to spend public funds.


Grunt, scratch balls and grunt again

Youre about this subtle

I recently read a blog by a feisty redheaded colleague of mine about why top tier experienced escorts are leaving the business and her take wasn’t the economy, it was dealing with idiot clients or those that wished to become them. I think shes right, the bullshit has increased. Maybe because escorting is more accessible to the masses so there’s a bigger pool of numb nuts who spend their time sending out inquiries. I don’t know the why of it but i know it happens. A recent inquiry i got seemed to fit right in with this theory. I was contacted via a screening service, the potential client had seen a couple other legit girls (though their rates were a quarter of mine)  and they had vouched for his legitimacy. That’s always a good thing but this is the email he sent… verbatim.

“Just arriving in town and looking for a grerat time before I leave. Looking for a 2-3hr. appt. with trips to the Greek Isles if possible. Outcall if possible… dOUBLES ALSO IF POSSIBLE”

Oh take me away prince charming. I really am worth you at least running a spell check over your inquiry as i don’t generally provide “grerat” times. I’m spelling challenged myself but at least put in the bare minimum of effort, no one wants to deal with a lazy client, and you just showed me you are in fact lazy. Also what’s with the capricious capitalization on the thing about the doubles? Does it being mostly in all caps mean that its really, really important i bring another chick with me? The obvious glaring problem with this email is that this potential client uses stupid code for anal sex thinking that somehow that will circumvent the need for discretion. It doesn’t. You can say it what ever super secret code you like, its still being indiscreet and its really fucking annoying to get that kind of email from a complete stranger whom you have never communicated with before. The second issue is of course there no dates associated. Oh sure stranger who just broke escorting inquiry rule number one I’m free all the time, 24/7 at your convenience, I’m really hoping you will pay me money to stick your dick in my pooper and I’ll bring a random friend!

Now i know I’m being nit picky to some degree but if you have done any amount of research on me especially to the point where you are ready to make an inquiry to possibly spend some naked time then you should be well aware that i don’t usually let people nail me in the backdoor … yanno unless i’m married to you. Also that rule number one is discretion and discretion isn’t just I’ll not look like a 3 dollar whore when i show up to your 5 star hotel, its that you don’t ask me to exchange sex for money …. in email, on the phone or in person. I don’t care if you have a million other girls you banged vouch for you you. Screening services have all been infiltrated at one time or another to some degree they are not 100% fool proof.  Don’t do it, don’t ask for sex in an inquiry. We all know why we are here, you pay, i provide. If you need it spelled out for you then you are looking for trouble! If you need to know about anal sex then do some research and find my reviews that are floating on the tubes and viola! You are now informed. If you cant do that i would guess the proliferation of the word GFE in association with myself all over my website with never a mention of PSE might be your first fucking clue.

I did write this potential client back with a link to my screening form, asked for dates/times and emphasized my GFE nature. Of course i heard not a word back. Because this guy was either a cop, a time waster or just your every day dick in your hand dumbass hobbyist, none of which i want to hang out with in any capacity.

Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely

time time time

Stop adding time wasters to shared safety blacklists for dangerous clients! Yes, that’s right you heard me, knock that shit off. A blacklist is for serious issues. Not because some one’s a dumb fuck or annoying obnoxious gnat in email. That’s what your PERSONAL blacklist is for. Shared safety blacklists are for SAFETY ISSUES and and your not helping buy putting  people who are just stupid fucks on blacklists.  If you don’t know the difference between a safety issue and some jerk off fucking with your time, then my god its time to talk stock in your business practices and do some self reflection.

We all have annoying time wasters up in our in boxes. In fact there’s  this hilarious time waster dedicate website was just shown to me via the twitter the other day. Check it out, its funny and it illustrates what a time waster is if your not sure.  I also think anonymously starting a website detailing time wasters is appropriate way to vent on the subject but adding some annoying fuck bag to a list of dangerous clients, is well not appropriate and belittles the very serious issue of dangerous clients and deludes the importance of sharing safety information. Don’t turn a safety issue into your own personal bitch fest about annoying time wasting dirt bags… we all get them and i do understand the need to vent about it, that’s what your girlfriends are for, bitch to them they care about you.. I dont.

Your slip is showing

All glitz and glamour?

They are popping up, it seems a new one every week though that’s an exaggeration. Is it because hookers are the new black and people think via the lovely portrayal in the media that sex workers have money falling out of their asses and all the tress in our yards are money trees? That couldn’t be further from the truth, sex workers are hit just a hard in this economy as every one else. In fact we were hit first being big ticket items AND since the media likes to make it seem that sex work is not only easy ( its not) but its recession proof (its not)  lots of people who have never taken their clothes off for money, fucked for cash, dominated for moola,  cammed or did the sexy talk for greenbacks are trying to get in the business, so our piece of the pie got smaller and our gene pool got bigger.

So why are all these “sex worker” advocacy groups popping up and worse then that why are they all asking for money or shilling their own self serving needs? umm i dunno why, i only know its happening.

A couple of examples. Providers Voice and Hema Network

Tax licence and dignity not included

Both these groups popped up out of no where. Providers voice seems to have been born out of Escorts.com because they were first noticed when they farmed email address from that site and spammed girls both through the escorts.com message system and then later through email. They say they are a political and legal advocacy group but their main focus seems to be selling tickets at $99.00 bucks a to some expo in Vegas.  I cant find anyone to vouch for them, they haven’t been in contact with out well known easily verifiable advocacy or sex workers rights groups. In fact they’ve pissed off most of the operators of the  ladies blacklist groups and websites. After several months of trying i cant verify them but hey if you wanna be named “Provider of the year” they have a contest at their expo (the one with unnamed sponsors) and you too could win a brand… new… car! WTF

Dont be a whore, unless youre whoring for us!

The Hemma network, who go by the name @hookernews on twitter recently made themselves known by trying to recruit “hookers” to cam for them. They too call themselves a “sex worker advocacy group” but seem to spend their time insulting escorts by saying they all have abusive clients, been abused, ripped off and beaten and should get out of the business they are in because its soooo dangerous and webcam for them and make them money instead of  seeing clients face to face.  They also spend their time dispersing questionable safe sex advice and arguing with long time advocates and sex workers who have spent years fighting for the sex worker rights about the definition of sex work. See to them  “sex work” is ONLY hookers. Porn stars, strippers, cam girls, PSOs… not sex workers. The Hemma network clams to be a non profit but are not listed as a 501 (c)  they then changed to labeling themselves a charitable organisation and  claim articles of incorporation and that’s a possible i suppose but being incorporated doesn’t make you a not for profit business. Face it A T and T has articles of incorporation. When asked about their board of trustees they listed a bunch of first names. When they were called on their listed phone number they attempted to recruit they caller  for web cam modeling.

In this business especially if you are an escort you  have to be smart you have to vet and verify your clients and be aware that there are lots of unscrupulous people out there ready to take advantage of you. These two groups are very likely looking to make a fast buck off the back of sex workers and have wrapped themselves up in the flag of “sex workers rights and advocacy” to do so. I find that extremely distasteful and frankly dangerous if they are dispensing bad info which they both are. Be careful who you listen to, do not believe on face value that any new group that pops up knows anything that will keep you safe, healthy and free.

nothng about us without us

There are a lot of long time groups out there that have been working for years to protect  the rights of sex workers, to help keep us safe.  These are the organisations ( both big and small) you should be putting your faith in. If you want to get t involved contact them . Here in Los Angeles there’s a new director of SWOP LA Jessie Nicole, I met up with her a month or so back. She’s amazing and really looking to make a change and improve the lives of sex workers. You want good info? contact her. You want to help? contact her or any number of SWOP organisations they are all over the country.  In Chicago there is Red Light District Chicago,  you dont need to be in Chicago to help them out or contact them for help. You need ladies safety info? Join DangerZone. Read peer run forums if you need info about issues that pertain to PSO work or Stripping they are out there and not hard to find.

But most of all do your homework and vet anyone you would take work advice from or safety advice from. Vet them like you vet your clients. Hell, vet them HARDER much harder.

The two groups i singled out above have failed  in being vetted they are not transparent, are misinformed and let their slips show pretty early. However i have  a feeling they wont be they last. Like i said people think we are made of money that sine we are marginalized  we are easily exploited. Which suppose at some level is true but not if we work smart, do our homework and put our screening and street smart skills to work for us  and most importantly … look out for each other.

That’s the best way to stay safe, healthy and free


Flip for me baby

It happened, a well known”hobbyist” a prolific reviewer, a big man on campus, a big swinging dick, a whore fucker beyond all whore fuckers got busted, then he flipped and cried like a little girl. He didn’t just flip,  he went above and beyond. He gave access to his personal profile on a national review site (and who knows how many other not national review sites) he handed over his access to screening services and he give the cops his access to  private men’s only sections and the jewel of the popos bust…  he gave them access to a private mens only website. You know the one, where they spend the bulk of their time calling escorts fat, overpriced and collud on ways to manipulate and control them.  No one liked it when you found you website was linked to that cesspool of misogyny, now it seems El Flipo has given the popo a perfect excuse to go after other hobbyists and try to enlist the help of escorts to do so.

Law Enforcement has put out official statements on their website, they have spoken to the media, they have taken out backpage ads that  listed names and handles of “hobbyists” they would like more info on. I know for a fact that at least some of those names match those handles.  The have asked for the help of women who feel they have been abused at the hands of these men. They invoke the dreaded trafficking as a way inside to gain support. This whiny little bitch gave the police everything they needed. Access and viable reason.

Mr. Flip really fucked over his “brethren” on this one.  I guess its not really “bros before hos”  which is so often invoked in that crowd. Its more like save your own skin and fuck over everyone else. This turn of events isn’t just fucking over his fellow whore mongers, he’s also fucked over the ladies as well.

I have 300 white listings

I would guess (and i have heard rumors) that they didn’t pop said Flip-a-roney on a scant misdemeanor solicitation of prostitution charge. When the  popo go after the ladies they usually try to up the charge with an add on, like drugs. Get the girl to supply them and wham they have something to work with. Cuz really who’s going to sing over a 100 buck ticket in most states. Mr Flip being such a seasoned “hobbyist” would know this and i doubt he would bring the party to the party. So there’s more to this. Rumors abound that he was caught with an underage. Still more that he wasn’t just trading reviews of escorts for service (a rumor that has been following him around for a long time) but that he actually was running the girls. Well BAM! Now that would make a weak minded fucktard sing. Pimping, pandering, promoting prostitution. Were talking federal here.

So once again some guy cant be satisfied with fucking a hot girl in exchange for a little cash. He’s got to get in on the deal, and action. Hes got to grab cash and more likely he wanted the power. The power of influence over his fellow whore fucker and the power of “i can make and break” you over the ladies.. not to mention all the access to free pussy.

What a fucking dirt bag.

Be safe ladies

Hes blemished our screening services and white list services. I personally will not be using them right now. Why risk it. He’s given the cops access and who knows who they contacted and flipped. He’s blemished the reference system (who knows how far reaching that will go)  Booking a “well known hobbyist” in MD VA and DC right now is just asking to be busted.  Our traditional screening methods are rendered inoperative. You can not rely on them. He’s really done a disservice to all those he spent countless hours trying to become “king” of.

If you’re in the infected area then think about not working there right now. If you cant do that then you must be extremely careful until this all shakes out. If you rely on references, find another way, if you rely on screening services, find another way, if you rely on seeing people known to the community, find another way.

And to think they bitch and moan about escorts and their need to be safe and all our safety measures but when one of their own gets caught up he spill his guts like the bitch he is. People want to know why i don’t like “hobbyists” well that’s why. I don’t like men who want to insinuate themselves into the realm of escort business because it never ends well for US. They either want to control and manipulate us, or they fuck us over and sometimes they do both. Isn’t that right El Flipo.

Just fuck the whore, pay her and go home.

*no I’m not providing links, not only were people outed but i don’t want my site viewed on stat trackers

**and a big hello to all my new readers on private boards big and small across the nation