Flip for me baby

It happened, a well known”hobbyist” a prolific reviewer, a big man on campus, a big swinging dick, a whore fucker beyond all whore fuckers got busted, then he flipped and cried like a little girl. He didn’t just flip,  he went above and beyond. He gave access to his personal profile on a national review site (and who knows how many other not national review sites) he handed over his access to screening services and he give the cops his access to  private men’s only sections and the jewel of the popos bust…  he gave them access to a private mens only website. You know the one, where they spend the bulk of their time calling escorts fat, overpriced and collud on ways to manipulate and control them.  No one liked it when you found you website was linked to that cesspool of misogyny, now it seems El Flipo has given the popo a perfect excuse to go after other hobbyists and try to enlist the help of escorts to do so.

Law Enforcement has put out official statements on their website, they have spoken to the media, they have taken out backpage ads that  listed names and handles of “hobbyists” they would like more info on. I know for a fact that at least some of those names match those handles.  The have asked for the help of women who feel they have been abused at the hands of these men. They invoke the dreaded trafficking as a way inside to gain support. This whiny little bitch gave the police everything they needed. Access and viable reason.

Mr. Flip really fucked over his “brethren” on this one.  I guess its not really “bros before hos”  which is so often invoked in that crowd. Its more like save your own skin and fuck over everyone else. This turn of events isn’t just fucking over his fellow whore mongers, he’s also fucked over the ladies as well.

I have 300 white listings

I would guess (and i have heard rumors) that they didn’t pop said Flip-a-roney on a scant misdemeanor solicitation of prostitution charge. When the  popo go after the ladies they usually try to up the charge with an add on, like drugs. Get the girl to supply them and wham they have something to work with. Cuz really who’s going to sing over a 100 buck ticket in most states. Mr Flip being such a seasoned “hobbyist” would know this and i doubt he would bring the party to the party. So there’s more to this. Rumors abound that he was caught with an underage. Still more that he wasn’t just trading reviews of escorts for service (a rumor that has been following him around for a long time) but that he actually was running the girls. Well BAM! Now that would make a weak minded fucktard sing. Pimping, pandering, promoting prostitution. Were talking federal here.

So once again some guy cant be satisfied with fucking a hot girl in exchange for a little cash. He’s got to get in on the deal, and action. Hes got to grab cash and more likely he wanted the power. The power of influence over his fellow whore fucker and the power of “i can make and break” you over the ladies.. not to mention all the access to free pussy.

What a fucking dirt bag.

Be safe ladies

Hes blemished our screening services and white list services. I personally will not be using them right now. Why risk it. He’s given the cops access and who knows who they contacted and flipped. He’s blemished the reference system (who knows how far reaching that will go)  Booking a “well known hobbyist” in MD VA and DC right now is just asking to be busted.  Our traditional screening methods are rendered inoperative. You can not rely on them. He’s really done a disservice to all those he spent countless hours trying to become “king” of.

If you’re in the infected area then think about not working there right now. If you cant do that then you must be extremely careful until this all shakes out. If you rely on references, find another way, if you rely on screening services, find another way, if you rely on seeing people known to the community, find another way.

And to think they bitch and moan about escorts and their need to be safe and all our safety measures but when one of their own gets caught up he spill his guts like the bitch he is. People want to know why i don’t like “hobbyists” well that’s why. I don’t like men who want to insinuate themselves into the realm of escort business because it never ends well for US. They either want to control and manipulate us, or they fuck us over and sometimes they do both. Isn’t that right El Flipo.

Just fuck the whore, pay her and go home.

*no I’m not providing links, not only were people outed but i don’t want my site viewed on stat trackers

**and a big hello to all my new readers on private boards big and small across the nation

17 thoughts on “Flipped

  • TheTruth.

    That is a lie. Don’t believe everything you hear. LE is putting out a lot of disinformation out there to get information. Some of the people outed don’t even hobby (retired) or they are dead. There is an agency war agency versus agency going on and people need to be quiet and STFU and claim the 5th.

  • @thetruth Yes, I’m sure the the statement on the official police website was a lie /end sarcasm> Though i am a firm believer in taking the 5th when is applies, Sadly that’s not what happened here. What happened here, was a hobbyist wasn’t satisfied with just being a hobbyist stepped out of that role and when he got caught he fucked over so many people, in in so many ways, its hard to chronicle it all.

  • Jackie

    So–you have a blog and anyone can read it and “The life and times of Jenny DeMilo. Notorious Hollywood party girl, photographer and message board hooker. The real scoop on provider, hobbyist subculture and pay for play companionship in Los Angeles, D.C. and beyond.”and you’re complaining about flippers????

  • Nina Rae

    Good to know that I don’t rotate in the east coast circle. Here’s hoping that the ladies who do keep it tight. What a douche bag!

  • Kelly James

    ITA, personally can’t stand review blackmailer whore fucking snitches as I said in my email.

    One thing that came to mind in regards to the part about “Cuz really who’s going to sing over a 100 buck ticket in most states.”

    It’s entirely possible and highly likely El Flipo was up to something very unsavory, explaining his breaking out in song on command of five-oh.

    Also a possibility, however, is he was simply swayed by the possibility of his wife, family, and business associates discovering his alter hobbyist whore fucker lifestyle complete with hundreds of TER reviews as proof at the hands of LE.

    Now I know absolutely nothing about this incident, in fact this is where I heard about it! So I’m kinda talking out my ass in this particular instance…but I never underestimate the pettiness of a punk, and LE scare tactics can be real convincing to a punk full of guilt and fear.

    No matter what took place with Flip-o-rama here and no matter what part of this country we work in, we all need to be super ultra special careful right now.

    Stay safe and best regards, Kelly James

  • @Jackie: theres world of difference between blogging about a subculture and giving the police passwords to your logins on secure websites we all use to stay safe so they can further arrest people. Way to miss the point.

  • Jenna P

    He flipped on hobbyists a long time ago when he decided to profit from his reviews.

    Most of the guys involved with that website were rumored to be traffickers.

    An independent escort should not need to worry about federal agents. There are no federal laws applicable to us.

    Honestly, didn’t we learn years and years ago to avoid the guys touting large #s of reviews, and whitelists ? In a world where nothing is ever what it appears to be, it’s best to look at white as black and black as white.

    Jenny, I think you are upset because you think our nice clients are going down but I do not think that is the focus here. These are the guys that have been raping both sides of the industry since the beginning. They are not hobbyists, they are the pimps and drivers and bottom feeding leeches that pose as hobbyists in order to bleed our nice clients dry.

    I see no loss here.
    If you want a nice p*ssy to play with, de-worm the kitten.

    They taking down the BC ?
    boo f*cking hoo, I will miss them about as much as I’d miss any other parasite.

  • Kelly James

    Jenna you’re right federal laws do not apply to indies which is part of the beauty of being such. My fear is that indies will get caught up in the crossfire of the federal crackdown. Really, the whole affair is basically an excuse for a witch hunt, with any and all sex workers as the witches.

  • Fed-X

    I thought as soon as an INDI crosses her state lines, it turns into RICO or Federal or something like that. Did I miss that?

    Don’t think that just because he represented MD DC VA that it does not effect LA, SF, CHI, Miami. He probably traveled and saw agency girls that traveled as well.

    Jenni- would be nice to know his TER name, just so we can all check the white lists, reviews, etc to avoid and protect ourselves.

  • @Fed-X there are several BP posts in DC about a man robbing ladies in DC/Sliversprings. The phone number comes back to MoCo Police but i dont know about a Det with that name. It stands to reason that Moco Popo like to use BP to reach out to providers when looking for their help. They did the same thing in Boston after the whole CL killer thing. So its possible it’s real.

  • WynterStark

    Jenny, Thank you. Your blog is articulate, incredibly well written and thought provoking, kudos to you for showing everyone that we’re not all insipid, poorly educated street-walkers with no other options open to us save to sell our bodies. I want to give you a great big round of applause for stepping up and calling this loser on what he did. I’m a provider in the Dallas/FortWorth metroplex and the repercussions of what this asshole has started have reached even us. It’s not so bad out here that all sources of screening have become useless but we are all on red alert. What used to be a matter of thirty seconds on the internet has now become an hour on the internet tracking down e-mails, phone numbers, names and then cross-referencing them with other sites. When these men bitch and moan about how they can’t get a last minute appointment I’m going to point them over here to these links and say “That’s the reason right there. Call that guy and lodge a complaint.”

    I personally *love* what I do and hate the idea that I may have to give it up because it’s simply become too difficult to do it safely. Screening isn’t only to protect us from the police, it’s also to protect us from the things out there that are worse than just a ride in a police car. If I’m given my choice I’ll take a car ride with an officer over a car ride with a paramedic.

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