The Syphilis Clusterfuck

Take Control Of Your Health

I don’t know about you, but I would never take medical advice from a lobbyist. I tend to take medical advice from medical professionals. This Syphilis scare in the adult porn world is such a giant mess its hard for even us with an interest in it to keep up with whats real, whats rumor and whats propaganda. It’s clear many involved have an agenda, from performers who fake tests trying to save face, to lobbyist groups looking to control performers health options, to big named porn companies in the midst of a huge power grab. Whats being lost in everything is sex workers and their health. Adult performers are once again being used as pawns in another porn valley power grab and mad dash to the bottom of decency. They are being extorted to get a medical shot with out advice of a doctor but at direction of a lobbying group. Get the shot or don’t work for 3 months, regardless of your health status, STI status or history. Yep, I said extortion.

Really that’s the answer the powers that be came up with? Get medically unnecessary treatment to combat something you don’t have? Kinda sounds to me like the FSC is taking lessons from Governor Bob McDonnell of VA who wants women to get a medically unnecessary ultrasound before an abortion to further his personal agenda… now don’t it.

I’m not even gong to presume I have all the facts on this clusterfuck of a story (even though I’ve been following it closely) Seems stories and facts are changing daily.  What I can tell you is this, get real advice about your health from real medical professionals. Do not put your health or safety in the hands of people who have an agenda, especially people who stand to benefit from you doing as you are told and following blindly with out asking questions because you are strapped for cash. I’ve written for years about how being desperate (or greedy) can alter your good decision making practices and how you should never let that get in the way of doing what is best for you. Don’t start now.


Taste the rainbow

Taste the rainbow? I'd rather fuck it

Its not exactly a secret that that i love glass sex toys. Okay love is an understatement, but you get the picture. Well imagine my delight when this months package arrived from the good folks over at Eden Fantasys and viola (yes that’s French) The Rainbow G Dildo by SSA Glass was waiting fr me to unwrap it and go to town.  It comes in a crushed velvet drawstring pouch, mine was red and its very cute in all its rainbow bumpy nubby goodness. Okay really its the primary colors red, blue and yellow but its still colorful and fun. They have two versions of this cute glass toy. A straight and narrow glass dildo and one with a curve or a twist which ever you wanna call. Its a fun little  glass toy with no too much girth, id put it on the “medium” scale for size. That’s good news because its not going to be to daunting if you decide its time for a little back door glass toy action. couple that with the pretty colors and who could  complain it might be too scary. with this cute colorful toy you just wanna go for it and i did cuz that’s the kinda girl i am. Its glass which makes care and cleaning a breeze which is always a bonus. Its a good addition to any sex toy collection especially if you like glass toys and well i do, i really really do.

Feet people

Suck it!

I’ve been getting back into the whole world of foot fetish. Ive been involved before, as in before i was an escort. I used to do hard core foot modeling and by hardcore i mean my feet and hard cocks that would then cum all over my delicate perfect toes. Good times.  Since i started phone boning its opened up the whole foot fetish thing for me again. I’ve made foot videos, i have regular web cam clients what want to go to town on my perfect flexible toes and ballerina feet. It’s all good as far as I’m concerned. I have a special place in my heart for foot people. I always have, ever since i first discovered them.

I used to shoot with this fetish photographer who shall remain nameless. Lets just say, hes amazing at what he does. We did regular bondage and fetish shoots together, he was starting out, i was starting out it was a good hook up for us both. One day after we were done shooting he asked me if he could “fuck my feet” before i left.. ahhh didn’t really know how to respond but i was a single girl and I’ve always been open to new stuff in the world of sex, so i said sure why not. I’d never done anything like that before so why not live a little and try something new. I wasn’t attracted to this guy in a sexual way and this was well before i learned how to connect sexually with someone i wasn’t attracted too, maybe as i think back on it this experience was my introduction to that practice.

In action!

He oiled up my feet and toes got them all slippery and then took out his cock. It was a nice thick cock, it looked good when he rubbed it all over my oiled up toes. I started to use my toes to grip his cock and  jerk him off with my toes and the the arches of my feet. I found that i had some pretty good control over my feet that they were in fact … monkey feet! I jerked him off good for a long time bringing him to the edge and then backing off for a bit then bring him to the edge again. I was having a good time, though it wasn’t getting off but i was enjoying myself as i explored this new sex skill i didn’t even know i had. Finally he exploded all over my feet,  he came hard painting my piggies with his cum. He cleaned up my feet with great care and thanked me. I asked him about his foot fetish. He said he’d always had it and explained how it was hard to find a girlfriend who had the same slant. Which i totally got. I mean where are you going to find the girl who cums from having her feet fucked. This is where i learned the difference between a fetish and a kink. This was this guys fetish, feet needed to be present for him to be sexually satisfied, it wasn’t a kink. If it was a kink he would just think feet were sexy.

I stared hardcore foot modeling for him from that point on. I had a lot of fun with it and perfected my foot jerking off cock technique. Once while we were doing some foot pictures of me sucking my own toes (yes, I’m that flexible) he put his cock in the shot so naturally i put it in my mouth… along with my toes. Great shots! He really is amazing with a camera and  talented i mean could you take fantastic artistic shots while getting you cock sucked and jerked off with feet?!

So I’ve come full circle and im getting back into the hardcore foot world. I have to thank that guy for introducing me to in the first place in such a good way. It really is like riding a bike, its a skill that never leaves ya.

Introducing team deathwish

Wrap up that horn

We all know it happens, it’s talked about in hushed tones. We trade names on private boards and compare notes. Some of us have even seen it happen with our very own eyes. Well reviewed, well known, highly sought after escorts fucking their clients without a rubber, bareback, raw dick. It’s not as un-common as some like to pretend it is.

Ever been to a “hobby party” and see a well reviewed provider fuck a client in the middle of the room, look around and not see a wrapper in sight? I have. Ever work a double and have the well reviewed lady swear to you this is the only client she screws with out a condom? I have. Ever wonder why that lesbian escort who swear she never fucks men outside of work, has an IUD? I have.

It’s a dangerous practice and its going on a lot. I sort of understand the escorts take on the situation, she’s in it for the cash, the greenbacks, she’s on the hustle and looking to do anything she can to get the financial edge especially in this shrinking economy. I don’t approve but I do sort of understand where it comes from but the dudes? What kinda crazy death wish do you have to have to screw a hooker with out a rubber. I know, I know, shes “low volume” she only “does this with you” uh huh …sure. She told you she only sees a couple guys a week/month, So there’s no way shes really fucking 4-9 dudes a day.  Because hookers never lie, right? Clients generally have wives and girlfriends, id say it’s the bulk of those seeking sex for money. Sure there’s the single guy but hes not as common a the married guy. So that married guy wants to fuck a hooker raw, then what? Take something back to his wife? Way to end up in divorce court Skippy, not to mention that it’s just evil to put your wife at that kind of risk. Cheating on her with a hooker inst enough, you want to put her health at risk too.

Are you alergic to banannas too?

There are well known hobbyist who pull the whole “but provider X will fuck me without a rubber, you should too” I know that’s often a line of bullshit, but I also know there are providers who DO fuck their clients without a rubber and those ladies are making MY job harder. Thanks bitchez. I really enjoy fending off some horny disrespectful fuck who has been trained to expect bareback sex by some money hungry, review manipulating, hose-beast who don’t give a fuck about herself, her body or her health.

There are also hobbyists who make no secret about how they are looking for that one provider for a long term arrangement with the intent of fucking her bareback, regularly. They don’t like the rubber, cant keep their dick hard with one, they are allergic to latex, or whatever their excuse de jour is. It’s just gross. Have some fucking self respect and wrap that shit up. Some of you whore mongers should double wrap that shit, I’ve seen where it’s been, you wrote a review about it, bragged on message boards about sticking your fingers, tongues and dicks in all kinds of nasty places.

Safer sex girls are hot girls!

Many girls get tested on a regular basis and there are lots of us responsible escorts who do what we can to minimize our risk, like no fucking without a rubber. We have relationships too and want to safeguard them, to keep our understanding partners health as safe as we possibly can but make no mistake about it, there is always a risk. I will suck your dick with out a rubber, that’s risky. I don’t take cum in my mouth to minimize my risk but there’s still a risk. I get tested regularly but that doesn’t mean I’m not engaging in a risky sexual practice. There are plenty of providers who wont suck your dick without a rubber, they are minimizing their risk and they are often rewarded with lower review scores and bullshit for making that choice.

So really what does all this raw dicking get us as a industry… in that special hand basket on the way to hell. Knock that shit off and no I didn’t name names but I reserve the right to if this bullshit doesn’t stop, it’s dangerous and you all know better.