Introducing team deathwish

Wrap up that horn

We all know it happens, it’s talked about in hushed tones. We trade names on private boards and compare notes. Some of us have even seen it happen with our very own eyes. Well reviewed, well known, highly sought after escorts fucking their clients without a rubber, bareback, raw dick. It’s not as un-common as some like to pretend it is.

Ever been to a “hobby party” and see a well reviewed provider fuck a client in the middle of the room, look around and not see a wrapper in sight? I have. Ever work a double and have the well reviewed lady swear to you this is the only client she screws with out a condom? I have. Ever wonder why that lesbian escort who swear she never fucks men outside of work, has an IUD? I have.

It’s a dangerous practice and its going on a lot. I sort of understand the escorts take on the situation, she’s in it for the cash, the greenbacks, she’s on the hustle and looking to do anything she can to get the financial edge especially in this shrinking economy. I don’t approve but I do sort of understand where it comes from but the dudes? What kinda crazy death wish do you have to have to screw a hooker with out a rubber. I know, I know, shes “low volume” she only “does this with you” uh huh …sure. She told you she only sees a couple guys a week/month, So there’s no way shes really fucking 4-9 dudes a day.  Because hookers never lie, right? Clients generally have wives and girlfriends, id say it’s the bulk of those seeking sex for money. Sure there’s the single guy but hes not as common a the married guy. So that married guy wants to fuck a hooker raw, then what? Take something back to his wife? Way to end up in divorce court Skippy, not to mention that it’s just evil to put your wife at that kind of risk. Cheating on her with a hooker inst enough, you want to put her health at risk too.

Are you alergic to banannas too?

There are well known hobbyist who pull the whole “but provider X will fuck me without a rubber, you should too” I know that’s often a line of bullshit, but I also know there are providers who DO fuck their clients without a rubber and those ladies are making MY job harder. Thanks bitchez. I really enjoy fending off some horny disrespectful fuck who has been trained to expect bareback sex by some money hungry, review manipulating, hose-beast who don’t give a fuck about herself, her body or her health.

There are also hobbyists who make no secret about how they are looking for that one provider for a long term arrangement with the intent of fucking her bareback, regularly. They don’t like the rubber, cant keep their dick hard with one, they are allergic to latex, or whatever their excuse de jour is. It’s just gross. Have some fucking self respect and wrap that shit up. Some of you whore mongers should double wrap that shit, I’ve seen where it’s been, you wrote a review about it, bragged on message boards about sticking your fingers, tongues and dicks in all kinds of nasty places.

Safer sex girls are hot girls!

Many girls get tested on a regular basis and there are lots of us responsible escorts who do what we can to minimize our risk, like no fucking without a rubber. We have relationships too and want to safeguard them, to keep our understanding partners health as safe as we possibly can but make no mistake about it, there is always a risk. I will suck your dick with out a rubber, that’s risky. I don’t take cum in my mouth to minimize my risk but there’s still a risk. I get tested regularly but that doesn’t mean I’m not engaging in a risky sexual practice. There are plenty of providers who wont suck your dick without a rubber, they are minimizing their risk and they are often rewarded with lower review scores and bullshit for making that choice.

So really what does all this raw dicking get us as a industry… in that special hand basket on the way to hell. Knock that shit off and no I didn’t name names but I reserve the right to if this bullshit doesn’t stop, it’s dangerous and you all know better.

11 thoughts on “Introducing team deathwish

  • red

    I can’t believe people are crazy enough to go bareback with a relative stranger. I enjoy seeing escorts, but the first time a lady offered bbfs I would end the appt and not see her again.

  • That is sooooo nuts to me. I love/hate the boards (yeah I said it!)….because alot of women are under pressure to perform acts all under the threat of a bad review. They have something new I never heard of before BBBJCIMNSNQ….Bareback blowjob come in mouth no spittin’ no quitin’…….who does that? I do not think any woman who chooses this profession should allow herself to be a doormat for anything….money or a review. Pick what you are comfortable with and stick to it. And as I tell new ladies to the business…..WRAP IT UP!!!!

  • TaxiDriver

    That is outrageous. Who could be that stupid? I would hope everyone knows that when you engage in such risky behavior, sooner or later you have to pay the piper.

  • And here I thought I wanted to kill the redhead with the full bush who keeps playing with herself on stage and kissing customers. Yikes. Heh, you should add a picture of Jerri Blank to this post.

  • Willywonka4u

    Fucking A Jenny! Thanks for posting this! Nothing makes me angrier when a hobbyist says he’s looking for BBFS. You might as well say, “I’m looking for someone to risk their life so I can get off”. I swear, I just want to beat these guys with clubs when I hear that.

    I think there should be a universal policy within this strange culture of ours. I think that anyone who doesn’t play safe should be outted. They should be called out on the boards. The providers should be, but more importantly, the hobbyists should be.

    Maybe that would complicate things that don’t need to be more complicated then they already are, but two people not playing safe puts a risk on all of us.

  • Ginger


    Thank you for talking about this issue. A few years ago no one would even ask for BBFS and now I get atleast 10 request a week. Yes, I’m a whore but, I do have standards. If it’s a risky thrill they seek I tell them to go base jumping without a chute, in my mind its the same level of risk.

    Thank you again.

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