Don’t Be a Cunt

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[caption id="attachment_1876" align="alignleft" width="289"] Rage against the reviewer[/caption]Reviews, reviews, reviews.. It's all the rage to rage against reviews. Ok, I get it they are problematic but lets not forget that potential clients sometimes read them and use them when choosing an escort to see. We don't have to like that but it is a fact. Lets also not forget that as much as we may not be comfortable with reviews raging on men who use them from the ultra obsessive reviewer to the casual reader just makes us look like the crazy ones. I'm serious and I know that seems strange coming from me. The chick who in the last decade went to war with review culture and put my money where my mouth was by putting my actual working…
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Naughty Distractions

sex work
[caption id="attachment_1417" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="What a way to spend the day"][/caption]Being as The Supercrush (that's code for my boyfriend) and I live in different states I often have long periods of time where I have to entertain myself in the sexy time department. Good thing the folks at Eden Fantasys were kind enough to send me out a little naughty distraction for my lady parts. This time when I opened the mail it was the Evolve Diamante vibrator. First thing i noticed was the pretty awesome packaging. Metallic metal case much like a sexy purple lunch box! It's so much nicer to get something packaged in something modern and cool instead of some brown paper bag or outdated graphics and photos from the 70's (no one wants to see a…
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