Betsy Prioleau Shames Prostitutes

Prostitute shamming is what all the Ph.D’s do
There’s no getting away from it, people even supposed educated, informed people who write fancy books think it’s okay to insult someone based on what they do for a living. You don’t know what you’re talking about and cant possibly offer anything valid because you work for Time Warner Cable, or you are just a lowly waitress slinging hash, your blue collar life, your working poor life makes you inconsequential, your profession dictates your value and makes everything you say wrong. Especially of you work in the sex business, then you are nothing but a whore and you have nothing to offer. Yes, I know this sounds harsh but this is actually how many people think. Though they wouldn’t come right out and proudly announce you’re a prostitute therefore anything you have to say is wrong. Oh wait a Ph.D and author did just that in response to a book review.

You got that right she acted out spewed spittle and bile over a book review. Betsy Prioleau’s book Swoon was reviewed on Book Forum by Charlotte Shane, editor of Tits and Sass who has contributed to Salon and other “legitimate” publications. It wasn’t a favorable review. Betsy Prioleau thought the best way to answer said bad review was to belittle and shame the reviewer for her profession. Acting more like a high school mean girl than a scholar. Betsy Prioleau proceeded with her convoluted temper tantrum implying both the site that hosted the review and the reviewer lowbrow and Illiterate because you know, prostitutes cant read so how dare they review her book!

Public Temper Tantrum
I find it hard to wrap my head around why someone would take to the comments section to personally attack a reviewer.  Not only is it a huge social media no no every dry cleaning business with a Yelp review has figured out but to demean, shame and belittle the reviewer in such a hostile way calling out the reviewers profession as a reason the review was not valid. It just makes Betsy Prioleau look pathetic. The review while not favorable wasn’t personal. No one talk about how Betsy Prioleau looks like a hag who shouldn’t be telling anyone secrets in romance and how her vag allegedly shriveled up years ago. No one pointed out that a doctorate in Philosophy does not mean you’re smart, it just means you couldn’t cut in in the world outside academia. You know where us illiterate prostitutes are. None of that was mentioned.. Oops I just did, silly me.  Oh well this isn’t a review of her book, this is a review of her behavior. Which was reprehensible, inexcusable and vile.

People often think and say that women working in the sex business should quit and get legitimate jobs. We hear that  over and over again and when one of us branches out for example Charlotte Shane’s telling review of what appears to be a rather trite boring book for a respected website, she’s shamed, we’re shamed. Think about that next time you tell one of us to quit and get a “real” job when we do, we get discounted for having worked in the sex business at all. Just like Betsy Prioleau did with her child like temper tantrum on Book Forum

Shame on you Betsy Prioleau, clearly an education doesn’t mean you’re in the least bit smart. I’d rather take Damone’s advice to Mark Rattner on the 5 point plan in how to woo chicks then read your fantasy driven drivel but what do I know I’m just a prostitute, it’s a miracle I can even read.


Risky Behavior

Yes, there will be hookers but will there be ballons?
I’ve written about hooker meet and greets  before, I’m sure this wont be the last time I write about them but let me say this loud and clear… Escort meet and greets are not safe! As further proof how these functions have taken a dive in the safety arena (they took a dive in the class arena long ago)  is the latest from New York Magazine “Johns Night Out” Where a reporter gains access to an “exclusive” meet and greet he heard about on the largest hooker review website out there, you know the one that boasts a bizillion reviews of escorts. A public notice was posted about the upcoming event and it appears the reporter asked for an invite and got one.

If a reporter can gain access then so can law enforcement. Busting meet and greets is happening more often then ever before. Yes, there was a time when meet an greets were safer then they are today. I have been to them, hell I’ve even thrown a couple way back in the day but times have changed and people need to understand that the risk of attending a meet and greet has increased 10 fold. Escorting is a risky business, its not legal and these parties might have had a purpose once upon a time but now reporters are going to them and writing about how that hooker was making out with a client/potential client (gross) and how hookers and johns excused themselves and left to go to locally bought hotel rooms to conduct business. That’s exactly how some people in the Midwest just got arrested after attending a meet and greet sponsored by a local Midwest board.

Is it really worth the risk?
This New York based meet and greet also cost money, according to the reporter 120 bucks a head with a count of about 75 men attending (ladies don’t pay at these events) Lets do the math, that comes to $9,000 but of course the host is only doing this out of some altruistic need to match make escorts and their potential clients not because he’s a hobbyist who’s once again trying very hard to get a piece of the financial action, no its out of the kindness of his heart.  He also seems to have no ability to screen potential guests as evidenced by the big, flashy, splashy article in New York Magazine. As escorts, screening is the very thin line that protects us from harm and arrest. Don’t give that task over to someone you don’t know, someone who doesn’t have the skills to keep you safe, someone who’s got motives other then safety. Don’t hand that very important safety element over to some hobbyist dude who is looking to make a buck off your attendance and likely is trying to up his profile with the other hobbyists in the virtual locker room that is hooker message boards. Meet and greets are not safe places to be. Yeah I know the old line thats thrown about over and over “they will generate more business” Yeah really? Will they generate enough business to overcome the cost of a lawyer if you are arrested? Will they generate enough income to overcome the stigma of having a permanent arrest record for prostitution? Are they worth the family problems you might encounter if your name is all over the Internet as a known prostitute? Will they generate enough income to make up for being splashed across the nations magazines or newspapers? Yes, this reporter only used user-names and did not publish pictures with his article, will the next reporter do the same? Would TMZ be so restrained? Hardly.

As escorts we take great care to minimize our risk in a very risky business. The writing is on the wall for escort meet and greets and its scrawled in thick bold black letters.


We are the music makers

I love this song… no really
I was taking a little stroll down Eden Fantasys Sexis Magazine lane and happened across the interview of the hot and smart girls over at the Tits And Sass blog by the lovely Rachel Rabbit Whitewho is a sex and gender writer. The interview was about music and stripping. What music do you like to strip to, how does music affect your earning potential and the like and it got me thinking about how strippers and escorts use music differently. Strippers use the music in selling their lap dances, they often have to use some other girls music when she’s on stage and they are selling dances and maybe even have dance to some crap they cant stand and make it feel sexy and like they are really into it. You gotta respect anyone who can do that. Music obviously place a big part in the working life of a stripper. They are after all dancers. But how exactly does music play a role in the working life of an escort?

Many escorts do a lot to make their appointments feel intimate and inviting, which can often include answering the door wearing some sexy lingerie, sexy lighting as in candle light this can also include some soft sexy music playing. The reason for the sexy lighting is obvious, every one looks better in candle light, the hooker your about to pay your hard earned cash to and the client doing the paying. Lets face it we have to look at you and sometimes you are not our cup of tea… so every little bit helps. The music though is another story completely. The music is not just a collection of random Barry White and Marvin Gaye songs. Though setting the mood always helps, the music my friends is timed. That’s right the play list you are hearing when you pop on over to see your favorite pay for pay lady is one way we know how time is passing and keeps us on track in our appointments, so that we can get everything that needs to happen in the one hour of GFE loving the client has paid for, done.

Time to go!
For example halfway though my appointments when the Psychedelic Furs “Love My Way” comes on, I know that about 30 minutes has gone by and if I’m not done or close to done with round one there would be no round two. So I have decisions to make, either stretch out the first go around or get it over with so there will be time left for another round of action. I also have a two minute warning song, which is to say when “Baby Elephant Walk” (Yes, I have a sense of humor) comes on I know that there’s about 5 minutes until the full hour is up and that I have just about that much time to get my client in the shower and out the door if he’s lolly gagging. When Nina Simone’s “I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl” starts to play my client had better be putting on his coat and walking out and If the music goes off all together, my client is over staying his hour and I am losing money. Not something I ever like to do. So even though both strippers and escorts use music to their advantage in the work they do, they use it just a little differently and here you thought your favorite hooker just really had a thing for Starland Vocal Band, nope it meant it was time for you to go.

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Why shut down shutdownIt was a favorite among touring girls and locals in smaller cities alike and a few months back when announced they were shutting down everyone speculated why. The parent company National A1 Advertising out of Pennsylvania (who also owns hot-movies) was recently raided and in the news. So rumors were rampant. the facts are no one knew why they were raided and which companies were involved and no one knew why the subsequent announced shut down of That Is until now.

It seems the good folks over at couldn’t keep their noses clean and used the operation for money laundering.

“A plea agreement filed Tuesday at U.S. District Court  in Williamsport, Pa., said the companies have agreed to forfeit nearly $5 million, pay a $1.5 million fine and serve 18 months probation.” ~Xbiz

Well there you have it, why they shut down. The company as a result have surrendered the domain name and many escorts and their clients lost a great resource. was well liked because they offered advertising and modest reviews but no message boards. The review system allowed for those being reviewed to write a response if they so chose. It was a nice balance of power, that so many escort review sites do not have. It gave escorts a bit of a voice and a little control over their own business.

Its also another example of how escort support services can’t see to keep their noses clean. Prostitution is illegal and thus even above board business often cant seem to operate on the straight and narrow. From photographers who want blow jobs in exchange for photoshoots, to web designers that over charge and then dont deliver,  to advertising venues that get busted for money laundering, it’s frustrating for those of us who are trying to run a business and dont want to have to deal with events or situations that are shady because people think they can get away with it because of who we are and what we do is illegal. The only solution is decriminalization… now