We are the music makers

I love this song… no really
I was taking a little stroll down Eden Fantasys Sexis Magazine lane and happened across the interview of the hot and smart girls over at the Tits And Sass blog by the lovely Rachel Rabbit Whitewho is a sex and gender writer. The interview was about music and stripping. What music do you like to strip to, how does music affect your earning potential and the like and it got me thinking about how strippers and escorts use music differently. Strippers use the music in selling their lap dances, they often have to use some other girls music when she’s on stage and they are selling dances and maybe even have dance to some crap they cant stand and make it feel sexy and like they are really into it. You gotta respect anyone who can do that. Music obviously place a big part in the working life of a stripper. They are after all dancers. But how exactly does music play a role in the working life of an escort?

Many escorts do a lot to make their appointments feel intimate and inviting, which can often include answering the door wearing some sexy lingerie, sexy lighting as in candle light this can also include some soft sexy music playing. The reason for the sexy lighting is obvious, every one looks better in candle light, the hooker your about to pay your hard earned cash to and the client doing the paying. Lets face it we have to look at you and sometimes you are not our cup of tea… so every little bit helps. The music though is another story completely. The music is not just a collection of random Barry White and Marvin Gaye songs. Though setting the mood always helps, the music my friends is timed. That’s right the play list you are hearing when you pop on over to see your favorite pay for pay lady is one way we know how time is passing and keeps us on track in our appointments, so that we can get everything that needs to happen in the one hour of GFE loving the client has paid for, done.

Time to go!
For example halfway though my appointments when the Psychedelic Furs “Love My Way” comes on, I know that about 30 minutes has gone by and if I’m not done or close to done with round one there would be no round two. So I have decisions to make, either stretch out the first go around or get it over with so there will be time left for another round of action. I also have a two minute warning song, which is to say when “Baby Elephant Walk” (Yes, I have a sense of humor) comes on I know that there’s about 5 minutes until the full hour is up and that I have just about that much time to get my client in the shower and out the door if he’s lolly gagging. When Nina Simone’s “I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl” starts to play my client had better be putting on his coat and walking out and If the music goes off all together, my client is over staying his hour and I am losing money. Not something I ever like to do. So even though both strippers and escorts use music to their advantage in the work they do, they use it just a little differently and here you thought your favorite hooker just really had a thing for Starland Vocal Band, nope it meant it was time for you to go.

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