Clip Sites And The Implied Deal

Quiet on the set

If you’re selling your content be it porn or fetish content and if your selling it though a clip site then you are not making 100% on your work. There is an implied deal with the clip site you are selling your content though. You give of X percentage of your profits in exchange for X services from the clip site. So what are those X’s you are giving up and getting. Let me break it down.

You can give up, up to 40% of your sales, I’ve even heard tell of some sites wanting more then that. In exchange you get a platform to sell your content, all the payment processing by the clips site and they host your content for sale. Okay lets break this down a little further.

A Platform: it’s a great thing. They have customers, you want customers a win/win right? Wrong, not all clip sites have customers. Several (you know who you are Kinkbomb) have a website but they don’t have any traffic to speak of. So though you have a place to sell your content, if the clip studio isn’t bringing traffic to the table then really its like selling your content in a consignment shop in a part of town no one goes to.

Payment Processing: Hooray for someone else doing the payment processing. It’s not easy for adult business to get merchant accounts and i know that sounds strange considering how much business is done in the adult content realm but its true. So a clip site will handle your payment processing, do the accounting and send you a check at the end of the month for your “commission” on your sales. That too is a great thing and it sure sounds like its worth giving up a portion of your profits to have someone else handle that aspect and its is.. it is unless they are inundated with charge backs and fraud reports and then pass those costs on to you or maybe just saying they are getting them so they can skim off your earnings. It happens more then you think.

Hosting content for sale: someones gotta host it because it has to be available for download sale. This is the one thing that almost all of the clip sites get right. Unless they have a server melt down or something and then you have to start from scratch with a site. On the plus side ive only heard of this happening once. (couch, couch, kinkbomb, cough, cough)

Those those are the things you get from any clip site and what you give up is up to and likely 40%  of your sales. Think about it… 40% thats a lot of scratch to give up. You sell a video for 10 bucks you are only getting $6.00 sell 50 of them instead of making 500.00 you make 300.00. So in exchange for that you want to get the best deal you can and make sure the sites you are selling though are holding up their end of the implied and sometimes not so implied bargain. A clip site can give you 70% of your sales but if they have no customers for you to sell to, 70% of nothing is still nothing.

So let me break down sites I’ve had personal experience with:

Clips4Sale: By far the site with the most traffic, a large operation with a solid reputation and an actual team of people. They earn their 40% of sales by bringing customers to the table, they process all payments and you get a check every month like fucking clock work.  Since they are the biggest of the sites they also do a fair amount of promoting and will even send out the occasional email to their studios giving them ideas on how to increase sales.  I have no complaints. If you work hard and use all the site features it pays off plain and simple.

Clippette: In business just about a year Clippette is almost all fetish driven content and its run by fetish people. It’s a smaller site and therefore not a far reaching but their customers are targeted. If you’re a stockings, foot or hypnosis fetish person you’re likely going to be checking out Clippette. Also being a smaller site the customer service with these guys is impeccable. They not only are right on top of any issues from technical to administrative but they do fun promotions and take feedback like a champ. Ive seen them implement several suggestions i personally made which resulted in increased sales. Love that!

Kinkbomb: Yeah, I’ve written about them before and I did remove all my content from them. They have been in business about a year. Its about 4 guys who run it and the president is the boyfriend of a top selling online Domme. It’s rumored that her and her friends get 80-100% on their payouts hence them not having any issues diverting their customers from Clips4sale to Kinkbomb where they make more on each sale. However Kinkbomb has very low traffic and is plagued with “charge backs” be they real (because words gotten out amongst customers that a charge back with Kinkbomb is a given) or made up as to make up for costs from the smaller studios because the cut is so big on the larger selling ones, who knows. My personal experience sucked, maybe you’ll have better luck… ha, as if.

Clipvia: Another side project of a couple of guys who have day jobs. Clipvia will pay out 70% to studios which is great. Sadly though they have very little traffic and 70% of nothing is still nothing.  Since it’s two guys with day jobs the customer service is sucky and they handle issues with a often broken 3rd party application and not by email (Really?)  Though I think this guys intentions are in the right place clearly he doesn’t have the time to dedicate to growing a start up.

Eclips: Also a new site just over a year old. This ones got a strange interface for uploading your content and they have been plagued with merchant account issues. The owner is really very sweet and all my interactions with him have been great, i only wish they had any traffic… at all. No traffic means no sales.

The real bottom line

Here’s the bottom line a clip site needs to host the content, process the payment and bring customers to the table. Having a decent interface and good customer service is always a good thing. If your clip site is lacking in any of those areas then maybe its time to reassess them and how much effort you are putting into it. If you are driving all the traffic to your sales then maybe you need to open your own site, which by the way will net you about 90% of your profits. Which I myself have done and i couldn’t be happier about it. I still sell on Clips4sale and Clippette and have my studio loaded with content on Eclips (come on little engine you can do it) but I’ve removed content from Kinkbomb awaiting documentation of mystery charge backs  and Clipvia for having some super sucky customer service. No need in investing time and effort into sites that don’t pay off, or don’t appreciate you as studio partner or who out right steal from you. Find the good ones and work hard to make those pay off.

Update: 10/4/2017

Clippette shut down after losing their payment processor. Clipvia shut down after ripping off all thier studios and not paying them, Eclips disappeared one day. Kinkbomb andClips4Sale are still alive and kicking.

Kimberly Kupps Needs Your Help

Kimberly Kupps

You thought making porn was legal, I know you’re under the impression that its free speech to make porn, that it’s protected. Well think again. Kimberly Kupps a resident of Polk County FLA was arrested recently for making adult content and producing her own porn for profit. The reports were first that she was arrested for making clips for the popular do it yourself clip site Clips4Sale, of which i myself have a fetish clip studio and have now come around to say she was making porn for her own self run website. Miss Kupps and her husband are both facing obscenity charges. Seems Polk county FLA (it’s always FLA now isn’t it) has a hyper-religious law enforcement team who have decided to go after consenting adults making a living in private way and have declared a war on porn.


Miss Kupps isn’t the only one being arrested and prosecuted for obscenity. Here in LA (Pasadena) Ira Isaacs  a producer of very non mainstream fetish porn is in the middle of a long federal battle about sending some of his materials out in the mail. Then of course there’s Max Hardcore currently in prison serving a 46 month sentence. Now both Ira Isaacs and Max hardcore make a more extreme kind of adult material, so one might conclude that by the nature of the kind of work they produce that they are easy targets for religious zealots and porn abolitionist but miss Kupps? She’s just a MILF who fucks with big giant tits. Nothing extreme about that, nothing even slightly questionable about that kinda porn. Unless of course you live in Polk County.

Obscenity is an interesting angle because from my understanding that standard is set by “the community” and Polk county is alleging she violated “state law” but Internet porn is, well the community of the Internet. Which is everywhere. Not to forget that Reality Kings is based in FLA as well. There is plenty of porn in FLA being produced by large and small companies a like, why target a very small fish? Oh I remember why….Polk County.  I’m not sure how this case is going to twist and turn but I sure hope its twists to a big fuck you to Polk County and their over zealous crew of right wing political nut bags who seem to hate porn or anything adult oriented but are likely the types sit in dark rooms full of shame, hoping their apple pie wives, who hate sex cuz Jesus wouldn’t like it, don’t walk in on them tiny dick in hand and jerking off to it.

I urge everyone to support Miss Kupps in this her obvious time of need. Anyone who makes adult content on their own knows for most its a lot of work for just enough pay off to get by. I’m sure and have been told that Miss Kupps is not rolling in dough and now must fight a unjust case against her. I’m pretty sure she wont be making porn in uptight over zealous stupid Polk county while this is going on so how exactly is she supposed to earn a living and pay a lawyer.

I don’t personally know Miss Kupps at all, never met her, never talked to her online, never exchanged emails with her but she needs all of our help. There is a legal defense fund and I would hope that everyone reading this would give a few bucks to help Miss Kupps fight the good fight and beat this case. Seriously if you have 5 bucks, that’s 5 bucks she didn’t have before to help fight a case that could be stetting a standard and make the abolitionists and Jesus freaks bolder in other backwoods small towns. Who’s next?.. could be anyone.

Kimberly Kupps Defense Fund:


Adult content?

So Youtube in all their wisdom has spent some time removing my video clips from their site because they are now considered after 100K views to be”adult content” and or my “INTENTION” and sole purpose was convey sexual gratification. Of course that’s all bullocks. Its not “adult content” its my mouth with some spit. My intention was to drive traffic and well if you got a hard-on and it made you uncomfortable because you saw me spitting and drooling then that’s on you… uptight prude. This clip was also removed from the fetish site Wewhipass  for being “nasty” (yes the same site i watched a clip of a guy being lashed in public and another getting fucked in the ass with a strap on) and then later i was told that it wasn’t a fetish and that’s why it was removed and still later i was told they remove it just cuz they could as is the right they reserve but strangly isn’t written down for other members to see.

So with out further adieu… my tongue, which is so filthy, nasty and sexy that both vanilla websites and fetish websites a like both agree.. its way to hot for them to handle. You be the judge.

Another year, another… dollar

Drink up friends

Its a brand new year and i have some brand new projects and some old ones I always seem to be working on. Having just left my day job (don’t get me started on that crap)  I’ll be doubling down on my clip business. I am surprised at how much i enjoy it, i only wonder how long it will hold my interest before i run off after then next bright shinny thing. However for now it’s clips, clips, clips and more clips.

Its interesting to see what it is people want me to make. I started off doing a little bit of everything and see what sold. I was surprised at the direction my clips took after my customers stared to buy and send me feedback. As my friend Sarah Blake puts it “the wallets have spoken” I like to do what i can to keep the wallets happy and getting off and if my sloppy tongue and my erotic hypnosis is what does that trick then that’s what i will do. Of course I’ll still make things that amuse me because i like to amuse myself with weird clip making (go figure). But the bulk of what i make will be bent in the direction of what the market wants to see from me. I’m still the new kid on the clip making block and i still have a lot to learn but I’m figuring it out and its growing month by month.

With the guidance of those wonderful fetish clip making ladies who have been at this for a while, i have gotten my feet firmly in the pond and put together a system for myself. It’s a lot of work for one little indie girl but with patience, creativity, perseverance and time i can see now it will pay off.. and its fun.

...and action

My escorting has been taking a back burner and I’ve been seeing  pretty much my regulars, extended appointments  and people whose company I truly enjoy. This has happened for several reasons. I’m tired is one, how long can you be a fuck doll before it takes a toll? I have a man in my life i love and really the deeper involved we get the more escorting ceases to be fun for me and I’m really over chasing down that kind of work when my focus seems to be more creative outlets of sex work (clips, phone sex and writing).  It’s new and fresh and I’m having fun doing it. I still see clients when time and circumstances permit and id be a fool in this economy to turn down viable work when it comes my way but I’m not chasing it right now. Just another year as a sex worker and just a new way to make another dollar.