Adult content?

So Youtube in all their wisdom has spent some time removing my video clips from their site because they are now considered after 100K views to be”adult content” and or my “INTENTION” and sole purpose was convey sexual gratification. Of course that’s all bullocks. Its not “adult content” its my mouth with some spit. My intention was to drive traffic and well if you got a hard-on and it made you uncomfortable because you saw me spitting and drooling then that’s on you… uptight prude. This clip was also removed from the fetish site Wewhipass  for being “nasty” (yes the same site i watched a clip of a guy being lashed in public and another getting fucked in the ass with a strap on) and then later i was told that it wasn’t a fetish and that’s why it was removed and still later i was told they remove it just cuz they could as is the right they reserve but strangly isn’t written down for other members to see.

So with out further adieu… my tongue, which is so filthy, nasty and sexy that both vanilla websites and fetish websites a like both agree.. its way to hot for them to handle. You be the judge.

One thought on “Adult content?

  • James

    I watched it. I, errr, did get a hard-on, but it certainly didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. It’s not something you see every day, and I thought it was actually quite erotic! Glad you posted that! Hard to believe a fetish site would say spitting isn’t a fetish.

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