The Troglodyte Within

Hey, how much for a blow job

What is it about men that makes them act like fucking morons when sex enters the equation. Yes, I’m a hooker. I fuck for money. However that doesn’t mean that when you speak to me you are allowed to speak to me like a hole or with disrespect. I know there’s plenty of men out there who have no respect for women and it’s not uncommon to run across them in your daily lives. But it just fucking chaps my goddamn hide when i get a phone call to my VIP (ie 400 buck ad) on a fancy web mall site, with my professional photos and well crafted upscale ad copy and some douche bag from Bakersfield, yanno the punch line for LA, thinks he can within 2 minutes of a phone call bring up a fucking bukakke party to me on the phone.

1. I’m not a goddamned porn star

2. I quite clearly advertise as a GFE

3. I don’t suffer fools and make no secret about that

So what kinda of moron would think that I would be the right girl to speak inappropriately to over the phone and talk about sexual services. Oh she’s the one i want me and all my buddies to jerk off onto in our thinly veiled homo erotic pleasure party. I know lets call Jenny. Shes known for being demure and compliant.

Jello salad for all my friends

First of what the fuck are you doing Bako talking about sexual services in the first place. Try Googling “how to hire an escort” it might clue you in on a little appropriate behavior in dealing with a sex worker. Or if “The Google” is to difficult for your troglodyte brain to wrap itself around before you call a girl click on her website, then … i dunno READ the fucking thing. It’s there for a reason, so you Neanderthals that only think with your tiny ill functioning cocks will come to what little sense you have BEFORE you make the call. Before i have to chew your fucking face off over the phone because you bring up your desire to engage me for a bukakke party.

There is NO reason for this, there is NO reason i should have to school a grown ass man oh how to be respectful to a women over the phone. Hooker or not. Do your goddamed homework, know who you are speaking to. Don’t just see a picture on a website, grunt, scratch your saggy balls and make a call. It will only get you smacked down by a pro or ripped off by a scam and in the process it will piss in this case, me off. I’m a hooker not a hole. So don’t treat me like one.

/End Rant

Diversification and passive income

It makes the world go around

I’ve been thinking a lot about ways to diversify and to generate a passive income. To that end I’ve started to create a whole phone sex business, which is right on tract to explode into a good living and I’ve dipped my toes into the world of cam whoring. The later remains to be seen as far as diversification goes. However it did open the door to me as far as passive income generation. The word of the day is clips. I’m not sure but self generated erotic content in the form of short 2-5 min clips seems to be the wave of the porn future. Its  often discussed  among my piers that the adult business is in trouble and their not making the butt load of cash they once did. The biz is changing and when it comes to mainstream porn the delivery system is in transition.

Film house to VHS to DVD to online porn, to OMG you can get it all free why pay for it…. which is where we are now. It truly is a business on the verge of a change, i think clips may be where its headed.

Downward spiral is better then a shame spiral

The economy is in the tank and all facets of the adult/sex biz are affected. From the dancers in the clubs, to the PSO’s, to the cam whores, to the hookers, to the porn stars. Its just like the rest of the world, expendable income has decreased, the pie is smaller and  if you dont have additional skills you are likely to suffer more in this downward fucknut of a  spiral we are currently living it. I’m lucky, i have skills. (and not just the ones that pay the bills) plus Ive been diversifying for a while, its called survival and not just in the sex business, I’ve been diversifying in the art world too. Like a shark i have to keep swimming. The thing that interests me most is passive income. Some way to make something once and have it pay off over and over again. Which again brings me to clips.

Get it!

I’m making clips which isn’t easy when you don’t wanna be a porn actress, i really have no desire to fuck on film. Plus am an escort that doesn’t show her face, so getting around those weird set of circumstances and difficulties  will be a challenge. I might have to adjust my priorities or maybe I’ll be clever enough to figure out a way to get it done. All that remains to be seen. Once upon a time i was a hard core foot fetish model. I quite by accident found out i have very dexterous feet and could do all kinds of naughty things with them. Plus according to the feet people, my feet are pretty awesome looking. So that’s where I’m starting, with my feet. Maybe i’ll move up to other parts but right now…  I’m all about feet clips. When i have enough i will open a clip store of my very own then put that advertising degree to use and market the shit out of it. That step one i my passive income quest. Step two… T-shirt store but thats another giant ball of wax to be tackled.

I’m like a terrier with a rat, a problem solver and right now the problem is passive income. Its the phrase of the year…. i wont let up until that rat is bloody and dead.