Meet and Greets- the new place to get arrested!

There was a meet and greet busted in Houston recently. (Yeah Houston was busted again). Meet and greets are like cocktail parties where potential clients and working escorts can get together and meet and mingle. There are all different kinds of parties Many are very tame like your typical office cocktail party all the way to a full on orgy, though those are pretty rare these days and usually very hard to get an invite too.

The typical meet and greet is much like any other business networking get together. People of like minds meet at a public restaurant, bar, banquet hall and have a few cocktails and exchange contact info for get togethers on later dates. I understand why these are popular with the men. They get to see the girls in person, no need to interpret the photos on her site. Often girls who blur their face show up. The girls are there to gain new business. They will flirt with you and try to charm you into committing to book a session with them. So yeah they guys love them, especially the guys who never or rarely book with girls. Why book when you can go to a meet and greet play a little grab ass have the girl cater to you , flirt with you and charm you. You get all you need by going to the party. Meet and Greets are always full of lookie loos.

These parties can often have a theme, I for instance host a meet and greet with a toys4tots theme most holiday years. I didn’t this year and I’m glad I didn’t after hearing about what happened in Houston last week.

A Houston toys4tots meet and greet was busted and raided by the cops. A local Houston message and review board was infiltrated by law enforcement for 4 months prior and they busted the party. Peoples faces were splashed all over the news, girls and guys were handcuffed and put in paddy wagons (which are not fun like pussy wagons) and hauled away for attending a cocktail party. Now its not illegal to go to a party, its not illegal to say i like hookers and go to a party, its not illegal to say I’m an escort and go to a party. But the Houston cops had spent 4 months building a case against these people. Likely collecting salacious messages on the message board, reviews, naughty incriminating comments and the like.

My guess is there was some kinda raffle in place to raise money for toys for tots. I’ve seen this done on the small boards before when they are trying to raise cash for an event, person who is sick and needs helps, etc. Girls donate services, guys buy tickets, proceeds go to the cause. If you did that at a meet and greet to raise money for say Toys4tots…. will THAT would be prostitution and THAT is illegal.

I’m sure the bulk of those cases wont stick, especially of people keep their fat mouths shut and don’t make deals to roll over or freak out. Its a publicity gag, it makes for a good story. How did the TV cameras get there to splash those peoples faces on the news? Why the police called them and told them to get ready for some good footage and a good story. It makes it look like the police in Houston are doing their jobs if they bust a bunch of consenting adults attending a cocktail party and bringing toys for needy kids! Way to go spending all those tax payer dollars Houston PD!

The concern is this though, its not hard to infiltrate any online community if you have a small amount of savvy and a lot of patience. I’ve been expecting it to happen and it finally did. If it happened in Houston, it can happen anywhere. Lookie loos have been doing it for years, of they can do it anyone can. As prostitution becomes more and more online focused that’s where the police will go to make their busts and to keep their numbers up. Do you want your face on the local news because you wanted to play a little grab ass with a hooker or because you wanted to try to book one more hour appointment that week? is it worth the risk.

Not for me and i wont be going to any meet and greets for a very long time… I don’t need to be on the news… nope not me.

5 thoughts on “Meet and Greets- the new place to get arrested!

  • Sarah Blake

    I agree, It only seemed to be a matter of time before this happened. A once discretionary business has become public on message boards and review sites where many attempt to drill down everything to its most specific detail.

    You have to enjoy these communities with the awareness that anyone can read them as well, and they well do.

    Some will say,"How did this happen?!?"

    I say "DUH!"

  • Sexy Sixty

    I had been looking for a local meet and greet on recommendation of a friend from another location. But in light of this news, I think I'll pass. I'm not a hobbyist anyway, just want a few friends to spend time with once in a while.

  • willywonka4u

    I’ve never been a fan of M&Gs for this very reason. Always seemed overly risky to me. And I think the last thing I’d want to do is hang out with other hobbyists.

  • WinchesterWing

    This Life, which seems so fair,
    Is like a bubble blown up in the air
    By sporting children’s breath,
    Who chase it everywhere

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