"Can you tell which thing is not like the others"

When I first wrote a blog entry warning people not to believe everything on they saw on the Internets and that fake hookers walked among us, I didn’t mean to start a firestorm. But that’s just what happened. Who knew that so many legit, well reviewed, long time activists and respected members of the escort community also thought that the emperor wore no clothes, I know i didn’t.

Soon after my article went up I was contacted and interviewed by Monica Shores for a story she was writing for Carnal Nation about sex workers who write about their lives and work and the accountability of bloggers. What happened after that, has taken on a life of its own.

I never mentioned who I thought the most egregious of the impostors was (there are a few) leaving the reader to think about reality versus fantasy, fact verses fiction. The whole point of the blog post was to encourage people to question and think for themselves. Giving away who the usurper was, would be counterproductive to my goal of trying to get people to use their noggins and THINK!

but to my surprise.. just like a terrorist bomber, she claimed responsibility.

My blog, twitter and brochure site were linked to her site, along with all kinds of nutty convoluted, backasswords babble, coupled with her responding to the quotes of mine that were published in the Carnal Nation story. Oh goody… web hits! Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth I welcomed my new twitter followers and crossed my fingers that the click-overs would bookmark me and come back and read again another day. Though I was pretty disappointed in the numbers. Having heard “Princess Cariboo” brag for so long about how many hits she was getting to her blog and how popular she was, I really had hoped for more traffic then I got. It was rather paltry compared to say the people linking my story about the bust in Houston (thanks fellas!)

I did however get a flurry of emails from people sharing their personal experiences of interactions with “Dr Charlotte Bach” and how they thought she was a fraud, man, cop, reporter, failed screen writer. It was pretty entertaining as these people never would have found me had Zelig not linked me and created an online scene. As I said before, I never said who I believe to be the biggest faker in the land, just that there was one.

Some have even tried to devise schemes like Mistress Matisse, she suggests that miss-fake-alot call in to Dan Savage – to what, umm prove shes got a female voice I suppose. Well hot damn! I wanna call into Dan Savage too, I’ve always been a huge fan of him and his work and If he hears my voice he will have to show the world that I am really Cinderella. We all know that Cinderella was female. Besides it’s not like there any record of my previous work as a sexy voice over artist or podcaster to compare my voice or anyone who will recognise me as someone other than who I say I am. What a wonderful Idea. Where’s his number!

Then I started getting the links… ahhh the links, truly golden. This story had legs and it was taking a walk. Let me share them with you now.

Kat Stories: This faux ho’s life as a stripper doesn’t ring true to real live working strippers.

There’s a whole stripper forum discussion about her fake-a-bility

Seattle writer/professional dominatrix Mistress Matisse has her own take on why someone would pretend to be a sex worker… “for the attention.”

Tasty Trixie: who brings up the most compelling argument pointing out Fakey McFakerson’s position as a blatant unrepentant content thief. Acting much like a trick who thinks he’s entitled to a freebie.

Male bloggers have even written about it calling this “David Hampton” wannabe “the worst kept secret” and writes about how on private message boards she was whispered about and laughed at.

Amber Rhea re-posted a quote from the Carnal Nation story to her tumbler

The first person to publicly question her and the most damaging accusation, bringing up her self proclaimed inappropriate behavior with minors

there are tweets too
Amberlily, Kat Stories Adora Cash Zoeynym Melissa Gira Vivian DaSilva Vivian Again Furrygirl Bubbles

***My favorite tweets (added 12/23) are from BluEyedCass, model and webcam girl *** ( it’s her pictures fake-o-holic was stealing and passing off as her own)

It just keeps going and i’d be surprised if this was the end of it. People have been discussing this Pierre Plantard in their private circles for a while and its just bubbling to the surface now. Is this the only fake hooker out there running around the innertubes screaming “look at me, look at me”? Naw, but she is the one that got the furthest in the charade in a long time.

Writing the truth of sex work is hard. It’s not all fun and games until someone loses an eye. It’s a roller coaster of emotions, it’s complex and challenging. It’s not a flat one trick pony of nymphomaniac fantasies… no matter what some wanna be Michael Sabo would lead you to believe.

15 thoughts on “"Can you tell which thing is not like the others"

  • Serpent

    The link that everyone needs to see is this one-


    This is the woman who Alexa has been playing off as herself and is clearly NOT her. BlueEyedCass is a webcam performer out of NY. Definitely not the same person. She's given no explanation about this.

  • Sequoia Redd

    Holy shit. About a month ago I mentioned to my boyfriend that I really really wanted to see this bitch outed and what do you know. Awesome work, ladies. I thought I was the only one who questioned her reality till I read your blog post and then the flurry of other ones. Justice has been served. Oh yeah!

  • Anonymous

    So, I've always thought there was something screwy with AlexaRPD. One thing that always rang false was her claim that she has a regular DAILY client that she meets every morning when he's in town for a brief appointment at like 7am. If someone was wealthy enough to book this high priced girl daily and was actually still interested in fucking her every day (doubtful) then why not just make an exclusive arrangement with her? She'd probably say that she wouldn't want to be tied down to an exclusive thing, but really 7am every fucking day? Lately this entire scenario has been dropped from her writing and I wonder if she realized that it just doesn't wring true.

    It just always smelled fishy to me and sounded more like a romantic view of the biz than reality.

    That being said, I suspect AlexaRPD is a woman (having engaged in a few "conversations" with her on line) but may well be someone establishing cred to be able to write a book etc.

    Vis-a-vis her stance on SW activism. Her "code of ethics" was another example of a total bullshit exercise. It was clearly an exercise in egotism as she is obviously not concerned with SW safety or advocacy. It seemed like much more of something that a client would dream up really.

  • Roxy

    KatStories is for real, I've met her and worked with her. Her stories about dancing in Portland are right on. This is a strange and stripper friendly town with low-contact and low earning potential as well, unfortunately. Its really different dancing here than other states, and I've worked all over. So maybe thats why you think her experiences are different? Don't hate on Kat, she's truly an awesome person and great blogger.

  • Mark

    Things definitely seem fishy, but couldn't BlueyedCass be Alexa? She can't admit to being Alexa even if she is because there goes anonymity and it could create career troubles later in life since society is so close-minded. Nothing is stopping someone from having 2 twitter profiles.

  • Jenny DeMilo

    @ Serpent thanks for sharing that link. Blue Eyed Cass has said on her twitter feed that her pictures were.

    @Roxy, i think you mis understood, Kat and i are on the same page on this. No one is questioning Kat.

    @Mark Cass has said her pictures were stolen. They are not the same person. Im sure that "princess cariboo" has many twitter profiles, some i suspect even post comments to her on her own blog. theres a word for that too… "Sock Puppet"

  • Ms. Justine

    Wait, hold on. There are fakers in Sexyland? Haha. I go back and forth about this in my mind, because on one hand, I think, well, hell, everyone has the right to create a fictionalized account of themselves and write about it–but ultimately, it undermines those of us who are the real deal: intelligent, classy, sex workers/bloggers/activists. It's annoying that more attention is paid to a faker than the many of us who is the real deal.

  • Jenny DeMilo

    @mark how do you know they were "clients" of hers and not just people she referred? Im sure im not the only provider who gets emails from potentials asking me if i have any "friends" in their area.

    We know she used someone else photos and said they were her photos. Why is it such a stretch to think she could be lying about other things too?

    Bottom line believe whatever you want. If it makes you happy to think shes real then by all means believe it.

    I don't.

  • Sarah with an H

    Reading this entry makes me so thankful I am no longer in the business. Man oh man the drama you ladies go through and create makes my finger nails hurt 🙂

    I'm going to try reading it again when I'm not so tired.

  • Tom

    One more link to add to the collection: http://kittywampus.wordpress.com/2009/12/29/never-mind-the-faux-hos-what-about-the-faux-academics/

    "Alexa" just had absolutely no idea how to be a convincing grad student. And it was a real smart move pretending to be a student in a department that has an entering class size of 12 (some of which are men). He/she was practically begging to be exposed.

    There were plenty of other "tells" in Alexa's posts, if you read them closely. Little details that seemed to add authenticity, but only if you didn't actually know anything about the subject being discussed. But to real grad students, or real escorts, or real strippers — they just didn't ring true. The more details she added, the faker she became.

    I've got to say, though, that it was a lot of fun seeing Alexa go down in flames. He/she really pissed off a lot of people. Alexa's FIVE THOUSAND word "rebuttal" blog post, that was actually full of misdirection and evasion? I mean, you couldn't make this stuff up.

    By the way, Alexa's sex-ed site Caitlain's Corner (really more of a porn-ed site) also went down for "maintenance" at the same time as Real Princess Diaries. Funny, huh?

  • Jenny DeMilo

    Thanks everyone for your input! 🙂

    Special message to "Dick" Umm Dick don't be a dick. Im not going to allow you to link that garbage here. But nice try, must not be a lot to do in La Cresenta all day that you have to come here to bug the fuck out of me.

    thx for playing … please drive thru

  • hey everyone–

    i’m a sex worker/grad student desperately trying to finish my master’s thesis about stripping and identity formation, and…the alexa debate, specifically monica’s carnalknowledge article, fills an important hole in my argument. i’m desperately searching for background research to support the following: the mainstream/public sex work debate has basically ignored blogging as a form of speech amongst sex workers, AND blogging allows readers to see beyond polarization which is rampant within said debate. if you’ve got any leads at all, articles/posts about sex work blogging in general, i’d be eternally grateful. send me an email, leave me a comment, whatever. thanks in advance….

    trying to take my shite to the academic level,


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