The Bat Phone!

I try not to put a number in my escort ads though sometimes i do. I prefer to be contacted by email if possible, gives me a chance to screen my new friends and since i was once a “phone girl” for an agency my patience is low for bullshit phone calls.

so today the Bat Phone rings….

Caller: hey baby, i saw your ad on Eros
Me: great, whats your name
Caller: so you have great curves
Me: thanks, whats your name?
Caller: how big is your ass baby
Me: ahh huh?
Caller: how big is your ass baby, ummm yeah how big is your ass
Me: ahhh I’m sorry what are you asking me
Caller: how big is your butt, your ass is fine how big is your ass
Me: its about to get much bigger i just ordered a pizza

then i hung up.

Its possible that this was a legitimate caller, (doubtful but possible) But really I’m not about to discuss the lovely dimensions of my juicy, round, spank-able ass on the phone out of the blue like that with someone who wont even tell me their name. Id like to think that i am just that exciting that you cant help but get right into the “ass” before you tell me who you are… but really i think it was just some dude jerking off on the phone.

If i wanted to get guys off on the phone, id open a phone sex service, i prefer to get them off in person!

6 thoughts on “The Bat Phone!

  • Sheri

    But, really, how big IS your ass??

    heheheh I just CANT take the phone calls, I want email, references, a little self-bio, then maybe I will call

  • Slutty McWhore

    Yup, I don’t provide a phone number either, as I know I’d get a lot of weirdos and time-wasters. I like email because it give you a good sense of someone’s educational background (not that I really care about that, but I don’t want to meet a complete retard) and social skills (or lack thereof).

    It’s quite amazing the number of guys who just send me an email like this: “How much for one hour?”. They don’t even begin with a greeting or anything. I always delete the email from rude assholes like that.

  • Las Vegas Courtesan

    As annoying as some phone callers can be I get more pranksters on emails who don’t respect me and how to properly ask questions on email. They figure since it isn’t over the phone you can talk more freely and use an incriminating choice of words.

    I can get a much better idea of if the person sounds serious or is being a joke over the phone as well. I will just suffer through the guys whacking off and calling me than to take my phone number down. I would certainly be missing out on a ton of business!

  • Jenny DeMilo

    Sheri: Ummm its big round and juicy.. sir mix-a-lot style!

    Slutty: Im with ya on the email, it just suits me better. Its easier for me to lead the conversation how i want it to go. I don’t get a whole of of those “how much” emails though it happens, i think it my price point, 80-90% of my inquiries turn in to viable appointments, by the time they’ve contact me they are usually a serious buyer.

    LVC: its true with no phone you do miss out on work! Ive had the paid ad up for a month now and theres a big difference in the number of inquiries with a phone number attached to the ad! but alas there is also more instances when i want to shove hot pokers in my eyes by dealing with the prank callers and jerk of guys 😀

  • Therapeutic Ramblings

    So….aren’t you going to tell me….err…I mean Us! LOL. Never list a #, e-mail should be okay, no?

  • Anonymous

    I also keep my hobby phone number a secret and do communication via email to weed out the masses. Much simpler that way.

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