Do The Math!

I have been outed. As you may have guessed Jenny DeMilo is not my real name. My personal information and un-blurry pictures were circulating among the Hobby crowd in LA. Links to an old social networking site of mine (pre escort days) was posted on a local review board. My identity on display for the world. Lucky me right.

This is my secret life, having my dazzling smile and my real contact information available to the masses does not make me a happy camper. As you may know I’m a little outspoken so I’d really like to keep my real life, the real me, separate from Miss Jenny DeMilo.

so i begin to try to make sense of this situation. First the local board was kind enough to remove the information. Okay step one done. Now how do i trace back to who would do such a dastardly thing and “out” me.

Step two: who had the information to pass out?

3 people had my information. 2 friends and one escort/porn actor who needed a release for photos i had shot of her. (damn legal documents they always want your real name)

My friends are my friends but doing my due diligence i asked them anyways. I felt like an ass having to ask people i knew cared about me such a thing but i did anyways. They said no. One was pretty hurt i would think they would do such a thing to me. i felt like a schmuck. Process of elimination leads me to the 3rd person who had my info. The escort porn actor who needed the legal release.

She’s been kinda a pain in my ass for a while, getting upset when i photograph or associate with models she doesn’t like or feels threatened by (and her list was growing seems she has issues with most people who own vaginas). I had spent the better part of last year distancing myself from her because i didn’t care for her bad attitude and her message board antics where she would attack other women at the drop of a hat. She always had something nasty to say about another girl. Usually a skinny, pretty girl but she didn’t limit her female hating to just the girls better looking then her, she was becoming a very equal opportunity hater. I didn’t need to be associated with that kind of bad energy. So i backed off having any kind of dealings with her.

Again doing my due diligence i tried to email her asking her if she had outed me, my email was returned, i was blocked from sending her email. I tried to IM her i was blocked from her messenger. ummm curious.

so i went to some of the people who had been passed my information and appealed to their better sense of self to tell me who had betrayed me and been giving out my personal info. I was persistent in asking them to do the right thing. It took some time but low and behold they cracked and gave it up! It was as i had suspected the escort/porn actor who had my info on the legal release had been the culprit. It was pretty logical to come to that conclusion but now in addition to logic someone had given her up. It’s not brain surgery, its pretty simple.. do the math. 3 people have the info. 2 are my friends, 1 is some crazy psycho who has a bone to pick with me and has blocked me from asking her anything about it. ummmmmmmm….

Step three: do the math

so now what…. whats the epilogue to the story? There’s nothing that can be done about it. My info is out there. I was told by some people in the escort life much longer then i, that if i have gone this long without being outed than I’ve done better then most. So there’s that. There’s also the fact that i was raised a Buddhist and that because of that i do have a very strong belief in karma and what goes around will definitely come around. That people who are such incredible and flagrant assholes will have all the bad energy come back to them. I can only imagine who else this psycho has tried to hurt. If she would go to such lengths to try to hurt me because of something so trivial as me not refusing shoots for people she didn’t like, then i can only imagine what she would do to someone who really get under her skin. She must have many perceived enemies and spend so much of her time wallowing in her negative energy. It’s really kind of pathetic.

I guess the world has a lot of fucked up people in it.

From Puget Sound To San Diego…

Today i journey on down to San Diego to work. I’ve never tried to work there but thought id give it a go. Its only a couple hours south of me so if it works out it could be a good semi local addition to my touring.

I used to go to SD all the time, I would party in Hillcrest with my fabulous friends (crackie and uncle err) and whatever drasterly but beautiful crew they had around them. usually in some kind of mind altered state. I never laughed so much in my life then hanging around with those boys. But those days are gone… my soul sister Crackie is dead of the dreaded HIV. I miss him so much some days it actually hurts and Uncle Err has never been the same since his spiral into addiction and was busted for trafficking and possession and his many atempts at rehabilitation. we lost touch and honestly i couldn’t save him and trust me i tried. dont do drugs kids, it ruins lives.

I wont be hanging out with Trannys in night clubs this trip or dancing until 9am until my legs are Jello. This trip is about work and work i will do. though the thoughts of bygone times with the funniest men i have ever known, im sue will dance in my head though my 2 days in lovely San Diego.

Hearts and flowers, flowers and hearts

In honer of hearts and flowers day tomorrow i thought i’d do few dedications to the people i love.

To my chicken noodle:

For the man in my life

yeah he gets two

To Miss Gee (my BFF)

You all truly make my life better, i love and adore you all.