From Puget Sound To San Diego…

Today i journey on down to San Diego to work. I’ve never tried to work there but thought id give it a go. Its only a couple hours south of me so if it works out it could be a good semi local addition to my touring.

I used to go to SD all the time, I would party in Hillcrest with my fabulous friends (crackie and uncle err) and whatever drasterly but beautiful crew they had around them. usually in some kind of mind altered state. I never laughed so much in my life then hanging around with those boys. But those days are gone… my soul sister Crackie is dead of the dreaded HIV. I miss him so much some days it actually hurts and Uncle Err has never been the same since his spiral into addiction and was busted for trafficking and possession and his many atempts at rehabilitation. we lost touch and honestly i couldn’t save him and trust me i tried. dont do drugs kids, it ruins lives.

I wont be hanging out with Trannys in night clubs this trip or dancing until 9am until my legs are Jello. This trip is about work and work i will do. though the thoughts of bygone times with the funniest men i have ever known, im sue will dance in my head though my 2 days in lovely San Diego.