Very High Heels

Very High Heels, originally uploaded by Jenny Demilo.

Got hired for a photo-shoot and i took this “shoe shot” specifically for my blog. i love these shoes, they are my favorite shoes to photograph. more importantly i love to shoot pictures of other girls wearing my hot fuck me shoes. call it a weird fetish of you like but these shoes seem to take on a life of their own. go figure.

They are not much for walking in, more like wobbling but they look good on your feet and they look even better flung over the shoulder of your gentleman caller.

oh how i do love a good pair of fuck me pumps.

3 thoughts on “Very High Heels

  • Valley Girl

    Okay, I went through a phase where I was really into hooker shoes. I once wore the clear platform heels to a club with a pool, and almost fell in.

    Any tips for walking in them? I may bring them into my bedroom repetoire some day. =)

  • Jenny DeMilo

    Oh a good pair of fuck me pumps in the bedroom are always fun!

    As far as tips for walking in them…it’s like the old joke

    Q:How can do you get to Carnegie Hall?
    A: Practice!

  • Sophie Simone

    Super sexy heels! I love the stiletto platform stripper heels. I was a dancer before I become a companion, and feel sexiest when wearing my 6 inch heels! Though I would never wear them in public, they are for the strip club or bedroom only. Once you become used to them, they are very easy to strut your stuff in.

    Hope your new year is bright and promising. Great blog, btw.

    Best Wishes, Sophie

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