Butterscotch ripple

Jenny DeMilo, sex work
[caption id="attachment_1665" align="alignleft" width="229"] nothing says lovin like...[/caption]Finding the balance between housewife, hypno-domme and whore has not been easy. I've been living in DC for about a month now, okay exactly a month and I'm a pretty happy girl and therefore I want to spend all my time dong fun happy things and not working. However that's unrealistic and I need to find the balance. It's not coming easy, I'm working for that balance and working hard. I was raised a Buddhist and i always try to be the ball or the donut hole or whatever you wanna call it so balance in life has always been important to me. if not always attainable. It is a worthy endeavor. So i continue to try. I try to maintain a work…
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