Kimberly Kupps Needs Your Help

sex work
[caption id="attachment_1503" align="alignleft" width="198" caption="Kimberly Kupps"][/caption]You thought making porn was legal, I know you're under the impression that its free speech to make porn, that it's protected. Well think again. Kimberly Kupps a resident of Polk County FLA was arrested recently for making adult content and producing her own porn for profit. The reports were first that she was arrested for making clips for the popular do it yourself clip site Clips4Sale, of which i myself have a fetish clip studio and have now come around to say she was making porn for her own self run website. Miss Kupps and her husband are both facing obscenity charges. Seems Polk county FLA (it's always FLA now isn't it) has a hyper-religious law enforcement team who have decided to go after…
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