Origins of Goodtime Jenny

I know you think you’re so smart and that you believe i got the “good time”  part of my name Good Time Jenny from Tommy Tutones 867-5309 and though i use that song a lot in promotions marketing and just for fun (i wear a t-shirt that just has the numbers on it) its not the origins of where i got Good Time Jenny. That goes back further, that goes back to Freddie. Freddie Mercury along with Joe Strummer of The Clash is one of my heroes. I know that might seem a strange combo but punk rock and glam rock but its really not if you think about it. Both artists were real artist living their truth, bucking the system, being their own people, the rest of the word could go fuck off. I love that about both of them. I wish i was more like that, that i could have just a little drop more of those qualities burning though me. I try but unfortunately i tend to care what people think more than i should. So every once in a while i spend the day listening to Queen and thinking of Freddie or play The Clash real fucking loud and then watch the Future Is Unwritten and i try to absorb a little piece of my heroes.

“if you’re looking for a good time, just gimme a call”

One thought on “Origins of Goodtime Jenny

  • mdrider

    …Oh,I think you are not giving yourself enough credit Jenny!
    I believe that the audio visual osmosis is doing its job…..
    May I suggest “Westway to the world” for viewing.

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