Which way to go
New direction, new focus, new, new, new. I’ve been writing this blog for close to 4 years and when I started, it was a place for me to comment on my life of being a hooker. How i saw myself, my place as it were in the escort world. A place where I could speak freely with out reprisals from moderators on message boards and website owners. Since the bulk of the culture at that time was focused on the all mighty message board. It was a place and a way where i controlled my content, could find my voice, and speak my mind and my truth. Though naive and silly me I did suffer reprisals from my blogging by unscrupulous ass hats who thought their reach was further then it was. They tried to chase me off message boards, harm my business with  back channel chatter, spread rumors lies and my personal info all over the net. I’ve even had websites dedicated to little ole me for speaking my truth about being an escort. Yes, there were reprisals. However they didn’t discourage me from writing, (obviously) they only served to make themselves look like insane and desperate power grabbers trying to take up against an independent blog, on a message board/website/etc., it was in no way connected to or had any authority over. So yeah, fuck those guys.


As the years trudge on I find my focus changing. My life is changing, both personally and professionally. More changes are coming over the next few months with me as well.  The kind of sex work I do is changing. I have and I am broaden my horizons, trying new things reinventing and revisiting things i used to do before i was an actual real live hooker with a heart of gold. My personal life is changing in major ways, which affects my work life. That happens when you do sex work and have a relationship ive learned. As the relationship changes so does your work. So this blog will be changing with me.

I never cared for spinach
I have spent some time going back over this blog and what it is that people respond to. What kinds of things resonate more then other things, basically what do people want me to write about. What is it that provokes the most and strongest reactions and what garners me the most attention both from my piers in sex work, the curious non sex worker and the easily titillated media,  of which I have had many brushes with (both wanted attention and unwanted) and I can tell you this… its not only writing about fucking for cash. So i will be expanding this blog.. my blog, to encompass more of what interests me as i evolve and what i perceive as what interests my readers who have got to be sick and tired of the hooker only talk as much as I am.


I also get more accolades with my writing when i slice and dice bullshit and tell things as i personally see it. Playing nice …  well I’m over that. It seems people think I make people angry and invoke strong reactions even when I’m working hard to be inclusive and more mild, so why bother trying to temper what i do? Seems pointless.  It’s like the person who’s always being accused of cheating on a partner when they are doing nothing of the sort. Sooner or later they are going to have the inclination to do the actual cheating since they are always being accused of doing it anyways.

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry
You thought i provoked a strong reactions before? Well hold onto your hat because you haven’t seen anything yet. I’m pissed, I’m looking for new direction, and unlike some people out there in la la bullshit sex worker land…I know how to accomplish things and I’m not afraid to say what ever it is i feel like saying… in any way I feel like.


I don’t want to be milquetoast. As I’ve said over and over though out my life the worst sin you can commit is to bore your audience. I’m  lot of things .. but I’m not boring.

One thought on “Milquetoast

  • Stepford Whore

    I have always enjoyed reading your blog. And, I definitely look forward to your intelligent discourse on any other matters you tackle!

    Having been an escort myself for over 8 years, now, I always get a good laugh upon reading your tasteful and wickedly humorous perspective on the sex industry!

    That is just awful some low life haters dedicated a website against you. I am truly sorry to hear that.

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