Love letters

To whom it may concern
It happened again as it does almost weekly. Another women not in the sex for money biz asking me for help in how to get into the sex for money biz. I have written over and over again who I’m not going to help people get into turning tricks. Not going to do it so stop asking me. Since they all seem to find me via this blog were i specifically stated i will NOT help you i find int baffling why i still get these emails. The email usually come in two forms.



A. I’m a educated self assured women who wants to get into the business and have real relationships with a few rich men.

B. I’m the worlds best lay so i should be getting paid for it.

To person A: go find a rich boyfriend because with all your self perceived super smarts you have bought into the TV movie aspect of the high priced call girl. Oh and I’m not helping you.

To person B. Go fuck for free, to get your need for your super fucking skills ego stroked. its not about how well you fuck, its about how well you service your clients needs. Oh and I’m not helping you.

figure it out on your own
One of my major complaints with my life as a hooker is the entitlement issues i have to deal with. I have written about this a lot, how i cant stand entitlement how it gets under my skin,  how i dont react well to those that have that particular issue. So it really chaps my hide when some self proclaimed PhD wanna be hooker asks me to mentor her out of the kindness of my cold black bitter heart. Fuck you, I spent years learning my craft, to find my way in and out of this sex for money world, i did it though trial, error, the seat of my pants and my god given ability to think on my feet. I’m not about to give up all i know to a complete fucking stranger because she thinks i should. Entitled bitches can kiss my ass just as hard as entitled hobbyists.



I did muse to a friend at lunch yesterday after reading her portions of the latest email beg for part of my soul that maybe this latest hopeful should be a ho considering how much she thought she was owed by strangers. I see way to much if that attitude in an industry that’s supposed to be service oriented. Way too much.

2 thoughts on “Love letters

  • Stepford Whore

    I totally understand what you mean about “entitled” types seeking freebie advice. They should have the courtesy to at least pay you a consultation fee.

    The harsh reality is exactly as you described it: trial and error. There are no short cuts.

    Oh, but those people emailing you are probably deluded into believing they can short cut the learning process by trying to hitch on your train. In this case, they should pay you for your time to remove their blindfolds:)

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