Your egos in the way


Its a big fantasy among men, 2 girls in the sack, willing, slutty and ready to go. So its often ordered by men who fuck hookers. They want you to bring a friend. I oblige whenever i can. I love my sexy escort fiends and i also love being the bearer of cash to my sexy escort friends. Cuz lets face it it all comes down to the cash.

I often find it amusing that these guys who in most cases cant satisfy one women in the sack want to get two women at once in the sack. Of course with those types its never about real connection, intimacy or mutual satisfaction its about serving them, getting them off. You know going in that this appointment will not just be work, it will be a LOT of work. Cie la vie that’s why i charge the big bucks, I’m always down to work and earn my keep.

What i never find amusing is the attitude of some chicks who do doubles and i bet what you think it would be. It’s the girls who have to be the center of attention, okay not really the girl that has to be the center of attention its the girl who has to be the center of the attention and gets pissed when she isn’t. So as a result she does all she can to get the client to be all about her and if and  when the client pay any attention to the second girl in the bed ( i mean he did order two) she gets pissed, acts out, gets annoyed and becomes a total drag. I mean who wants to be naked and fuck a girl with a bad attitude. I dont.

I Heart Hundys

I’ve encountered this situation more then i should and i would understand if this were a civvie real world sexual encounter of there was competition among naked girls but for a JOB? Are you fucking kidding me? I get paid the same amount if i stand on the corner twiddling my thumbs or if I’m sucking dick for 60 minutes at break neck speed. Tell me which activity do you think id rather make 600 bucks for? So i dont get when a provider whoes getting her money regardless, turns a 3 some working situation into a competitive hour of desperately trying to get her ego stroked.

As my best pal who is a bartender says “when I’m working with another bartender i dont get all made if the customers like the other guy more then me, we still split the tips at the end of the night” But there’s a certain segment of escort who will actually get angry if a client pays attention to the other of the two girls he hired to get him off and fulfill his fantasy. It’s fucking weird and smacks of lots of emotional damage. Those girls are letting their egos get in the way of their cash flow. I wont book them again next time a regular wants me to bring a girl with me. Though i dont mind not working for my cash its an uncomfortable situation and the clients wants a threesome not a twosome with one of the girls sitting in the corner checking her blackberry because one girls ego is too big for the room. Its .. uncomfortable,it doesn’t serve your client, and it cuts into your profit margin.  This business is about making money, not about feeding your own damaged hooker ego.

The smart girls remember that

7 thoughts on “Your egos in the way

  • Stepford Whore

    Great post! It is always a pleasure to read your insightful articles. Once again, you’ve nailed it again on the money!

    Five years ago, two girl shows comprised roughly 25 percent my business. But,it was such a tremendous emotional drain trying to stroke 2 flaming egos in the room: the punter and the other escort. Now, I don’t do two girl shows anymore.

    Ultimately (for me), the pecuniary benefits were outweighed by the hassle of dealing with another escort operating on the delusional premise that the two girl appointment is about massaging their own ego instead of the client. It was an absurd, emotional minefield.

    Thank you for the great post!

  • Wow…I never would have thought.

    I can’t wait for my first threesome…I just need to find the right 2 to add to my 1.

    It’s funny that you say, “I often find it amusing that these guys who in most cases cant satisfy one women in the sack want to get two women at once in the sack.”

    I am under no illusion that I am getting an escort off. I like and appreciate the show but I don’t REALLY think you just came…you may have…but I have my doubts. SO, if I am ordering the threesome…who cares if you get off…it’s about me..the one who put the money down. If you get off…great…bonus!

    I will have to see what happens when I have my first…I am still on the lookout for two of my type that are willing to please…

  • SW: Percicly why im much more careful now about who i do my doubles with. Not worth the headache of bullshit that often comes with it.

    KA: Umm i sense a lot of hidden anger at hookers in your response. “who cares of you get off.. it’s about me… the one who put the money down” though i know a lot of “hobbyists” subscribe that that attitude and am forced to deal with it. Its also the reason i tend to seek out “clients” and not “hobbyists” whenever possible. Putting on the show, is not fun, really connecting with someone is fun. For the record there certainly are clients who are capable of getting me off, not only that they enjoy it and they are there for the EXCHANGE, not to masturbate using my pussy. Just as i can sense your hidden anger at this post, i can also sense it when you walk though my door. Maybe thats why you’re under “no illusions” with the hookers you bang, they can sense it too and hence cease to give a crap about really connecting with you. 🙂

  • Ya….I see it now that I reread the post…not how I wanted to come off.

    I’m not angry…I LOVE it when the girls I am with get off and I try everything I can to make it so.

    I do always wonder, when they tell me that the did, if they really did…or if they are just making me feel good.

    There have been a few…very few…who I KNEW got off…it was amazing, and I was a repeat client many times over…

    I guess I was putting myself in the three way situation that you described…if there was one there pouting while I was paying for a good time…I would be upset…I would be of the mind that, “Hey, it’s kinda about me here…”

    I also have not had that many experiences where it has been about “us”. The ones I have had, that I mentioned above, turned out to be them using me…calling asking for money…threatening me…not a good situation. What I thought was about us ended up being about them only.

    So actually…I guess I am a little angry…defensive…I REALLY don’t want to be.

    Thanks for pointing it out.

  • KA: okay you’re only a little angry and you didnt mean to come off the way you did. I can accept that.

    What i find ultra amusing is this post is about the dynamic between women and of course the hobbyist reads it and makes it all about him. Typical 😀

  • Don Jraper

    @ KA
    Really? Some escort “threatened you” and another just “called you up for money”?

    No wonder your angry. I’m guessing that you got into contact with said escort, and she called you back to tell you how much her fee would be. I bet that was the extent of it.
    I also bet, that the other escort, threatened to ‘rat you out’ to a bad list board, because you stood her up, knowing it was not going to be her, making the night ‘all about you’ and doing you for free.

    Gheesh. The EGOs of these “Hobbiest’s” never seems to amaze me.

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