All talk, no action

Sex work, is sex work, is sex work.

Its funny how the niches get segmented out. I’ve done most kinds. I’ve sold sex, I’ve sold cam shows, I’ve sold domination, I’ve been tied up for cash,  I’ve sold hot talk, I’ve sold clips, I’ve sold pictures, i think they only thing i haven’t done is strip but that’s just because I’m shy, no really!  I’ve used my emotional labor in many different ways it’s hard to keep up. I’ve used it  in almost all the ways you can and and slap the label sex worker on your forehead.  Sure there can be issues when you jump markets, some niche are more trouble to jump back and forth from then others. PSO to cam girl, that’s not to difficult. camgirl to stripper… can be a sooth transition. I find the hardest transition is from Hooker to Domme and back again. Which if course I’ve done, several times. I was a Domme before i was a escort. Being a pro Domme can emotionally drain me, much more so then fucking for cash. which can be draining  too but you get paid a lot better escorting so you have extra cash lying around to help you recharge. Domination for me is not only emotionally draining but financially not that rewarding.. in comparison. Its not just the face to face work, though that takes a little more planning then escort face to face time,  it’s all the other work, the work you dont get paid for that really takes it out of me. Especially dealing with the inquiries, which in the BDSM world is a tricky line to walk. In the escort world i book my meetings how i book my meetings. Follow my path or you get kicked off it. Ive learned to be able to tell if someone is serious or a time waster in the first 3 seconds of a phone call or first line of an email. I have that shit down.

Questions, so many questions
Domination… not so easy to tell who’s wasting your time and who’s serious but just needs some hand holding. I want to be accessible but i don’t want to answer questions that are already answered on my website. I want to be engaging but i don’t want to go into intimate details about sessions and what exactly i will and wont be doing… to you.  There’s a lot of talk but not a lot of serious action. They do chemistry checks, where as the escort guys call when they are ready to book. The BDSM guys lookie loo…. a LOT.  I find its hard for me not to lose my patience with these guys. If they asked a bizillion questions then booked, yeah well okay i get it. but to ask a bizillion questions then dont book.well then I think they are just hanging up to jerk off with all the amazing fantasy material i just gave them…

Which of course … they are

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