She said thanks

Swim duck Swim
A few years back a beautiful girl got in touch with me who had just started out escorting. I liked her, she has style and was cool. I gave her a few tidbits of my experience and helped her out when i could when she asked for advice.

Today i got an email from her, she’s moved on with her life and retired from the game. She’s doing amazing things in both her work life and her personal life. But the best part is, she said thanks. Not in a big way, just as an aside but it touched my cold bitter black heart.  It’s a rarity when someone thanks you and means it. Especially in this self obsessed “what can you do for me” greedy escort world I  find myself living in. I felt like a momma duck who’s baby duck had swam away on a journey to do amazing duck things.

People like her are the reason i continue to try to give back. Even when i get so frustrated and hurt with the users, and liars who are only out to get what they can.

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