Jenny’s Musical Trading Post

“We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of the dreams”


…Okay maybe not the makers but i am a music enthusiast (much like my friend Charlie Sheena is a cat enthusiast) since the peer to peer file sharing sites are being shut down one by one (yanno Lime-wire and the like) there’s pretty much no good way to get your paws on music right now. So i came up with an idea.

Why not trade music with my Internet friends. All our tastes are so umm.. errr.. diverse!  It could be a fun way to get turned on to new music  (good bad and certainly the ugly, some of you have terrible taste.. heh) or at the very least have a little fun putting together play-lists and sharing what you like with others.

I’m putting together a mailing list of people who once a week will put together a zip archive of Mp3 music they wish to share with others on the list. It will have some kinda loosey goosey weekly theme (love, hate, sex, animals, clothes, body parts, crunk, honky tonk…who knows could be anything) then you reply to all in the list attaching your zip of the Mp3 play list theme and WHAM your inbox is filled with who knows what kinda goodies from your fellow list members. Easy peasy!

How it all works:

1. You will get an email on Friday with that weeks kinda sorta theme

2. Put together your version of the theme (this is the creative really it is)

3. Save the MP3’s into a zip archive (5 to 15 songs, lets keep it send-able and easy to download)

4. Reply to ALL on the list with your attached zip (try to get it sent by the end of the weekend)

Viola new music to enjoy all week! What could be simpler, not a whole lot.

If you want to participate (and i hope you do!) send an email to “” with the word “LIST” in the subject line and your in. Remember your email will be visible by all who participate and if this goes well your inbox will get filled up with fun new musical files to download and enjoy, so you might want to make a Gmail or other email addy just for this.

Now get on the list…

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