Fuck you pay me!

Fuck you, Pay me!

I will not chat you up for free, i will not date you for free, I’m a sex worker, a clip makers, a Domme, a PSO, an escort.  That means you need to pay me for my time. Be it phone sex, sexy chat on IM or in person. You want to get my attention, then do something attention worthy.  Get my attention with your wallet. Buying one 2.99 clip isn’t going to get you unlimited back and forth emails (try buying 20) , the promise of something off my wish list then not following though will only show you for the douche you truly are (that i suspected all along).

Follow though matters if you want my sexual attention, want to beg at my feet, want naughty talk late at night or want to be dragged around at the end of my leash in public. If you want my scorn go right ahead with what you’re doing. You want to be blocked, dismissed, made to be invisible and non existent to me? Then have at it and by all means keep up with your course of action.You want your name passed around to my Mistress girlfriends, escort friends and PSO buddies then by all means keep up with your dumb ass transparent all to familiar reindeer games.

I’m really tired of the emotional vampires and greedy submissives who really just want to be the ones in control. WTF is up with that crap. Pick a side sparky, you cant be both submissive and in control. I’m not you’re goddamn sex kitten and  masturbatory instrument. Show me you’re worthy and that you respect my fucking time and then i will give you the attention you seek and be all you want, need and desire me to be, I’m an expert at it.

Until then… fuck you pay me.

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