Pas jolie, du tout

Jump on everyones doing it

It happens from time to time. Another escort jumps on your band wagon. It happens to me more then just time to time but it happens to most girls who put a lot of effort into their branding and marketing. Some lazy bitch tries to steal your Mojo. It can be as blatant as coping and pasting your ad copy or website copy and using at their own, to as insidious as following you around on tour, to as annoying as taking your signature branding and trying to co-opt it.

It happened to me again, well twice this week really. A girl has decided to plant her ass everywhere I’m touring. A girl who i generally don’t get along with who i was once close with and takes every opportunity to say something nasty about me or spill my personal business in public when she can. Yep, shes going everywhere i have an placed. So i guess even though she thinks I’m some giant bitch, I’m a bitch who knows where all the good touring spots are and should be followed around.

I was also alerted this week to the fact that a girl i know, a fairly well known touring escort has a new set of photos up on her site…. posing with apples.

"Take a bite of my juicy red apple"

I’ve long cultivated the whole temptation/apple branding in the escort world. It goes back to my first pro escort photos, apples, apples everywhere and while i don’t own the “apple concept” (see the recent Cindy Crawford lingerie shoot) in the escort world that’s a branding I’m known for. If they dont know my name, they know me as the apple girl.  In this case injury was added to insult because this is an escort i once helped when a website had stolen her photos. She was pretty upset some Domme was using her pictures as her own and I made a phone call to the website owner and was able to calmly explain the situation and get them to remove the photos. I was happy to help because i was in position to do so and we all hate it when our photos are stolen. This girl and i are acquainted, so there’s no way she could not know what she was doing, this was calculated and frankly i think showed her for what she seems to be…. Pretty but lazy and unoriginal.

I work hard at building my brand and my persona. I try to be original and to be forward thinking. I also try to help out other working girls when I’m in a position to do so i feel we all should give back a little bit but this kinda thing makes me not want to help anyone anymore.  When i see them upset and at a loss over stolen photos, and what to do about it  even though i know i can help, it makes me want to just say “oh well, hope you work that out” even though i know i can help cuz why bother if those very same people are going to turnaround when they get the chance and try to fuck you, because they are lazy. Yes, I think it mostly comes down to lazy.

Sloth is a deadly sin, yanno

And if youre too lazy to come up with your own ideas in marketing yourself as an escort, or write your own website copy,  or ad copy then I can only assume and I’m sure others will to as to what a lazy fuck you are in the sack.  Pretty only takes you so far in this world, at some point you are going to have to back that pretty face up with something a little more substantial.

beauté se fane, les coupures paresseux pour l’os

6 thoughts on “Pas jolie, du tout

  • You will ALWAYS be the original “Apple Girl” Jenny. Bu

    That said, I DO understand your frustration w/escorts that don’t have an original bone in their bodies. I’ve come across it more than once.


    xoxo, moi

  • sarah

    They always say that to copy someone is the sincerest form of flattery. I suppose it is. They see what you do, like it, and then steal it.

    It is lazy, and cheeky, but it’s more than that – it’s about them thinking they are better than you, so in stealing your idea, they think they can do it better.
    You can’t ‘better’ the original, and not only that, you have to also be better at the rest, which is a no-brainer.

    If they can’t think up an idea for a photo, then they sure as hell can’t fulfill when it comes down to the other stuff.

  • mdrider

    Great take on an ongoing & growing problem.A lot of the escort malls in the D.C. metro area are better than half fake/stolen pics&copy, and I believe you are right when you state that it comes down to laziness. It might be fast money but to sustain & build a clientele you have to be creative and it takes a lot of effort especially when you run your own business. You are a stalker magnet girl….. 🙂

  • trouble

    A few years ago, there was a girl who’s moniker was “making men happy, one cupcake at a time” She never took pics with her cupcakes, but would serve them out after a ‘date’. She was known in the community as the cupcake girl. Immediately after she retired, an Asian girl named trouble, stole that entire idea and started using the cupcake moniker. Now I ask you this, does that count as ‘stealing an idea’? frankly I thought the cupcake logo was clever and original, so to me, it was stealing. thoughts?

  • Bella: it just gets frustrating. Add to that someone i’ve gone out of your way for and the result is i speak out about it.

    Sarah: i believe it makes them look foolish and it does make me wonder what other areas are they not thinking for themselves.

    “Trouble”: Apples and oranges. Your talking about someone retired and I’m writing about a blatant appropriation of a direct competitors long used imaginary and the use of that imaginary in the same market.

    Oh an if you have a personal problem with “trouble” out there in FLA, so much so you need to use a fake email address to make your point when posting then take it up with her (shes easy to find) and keep your vendettas w/ my friends off my blog. My blog is about me. Kthaxbai

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