New scam in town

The lengths to which some will go

It looks like there’s a new scam in town. This is cross posted from a blog of a friend, Miss Beverly Fisher. Miss Fisher is a very well respected member of the escort community a $pread Magazine contributor and a has been sharing her thoughts on the biz for a lot longer then i have.

Seriously read it, it not only chronicles the latest way some shady people are trying to scam escorts but it also details how the same shady people would like to scam clients by writing fake reviews of girls who pay them for advertising space… everyone gets scammed with this outfit.

“Advertise with us, or we’ll ruin your reputation

Worthless review system? Extortion? Is this the future?

Below I’m posting an email in it’s entirety which I and many other girls received, trying to get us to pay a lot of money for an escort advertising site.

Not only is this email extortion — give us ad money or we’ll smear your reputation — BUT

it makes the review system worthless, by selling good reviews……….”

read the full entry here, including the letter this outfit sends out in full and unedited!!

One thought on “New scam in town

  • I guess it happens in every industry, fake review sites. reviewers will say anything to make a buck that’s why I pay no attention to them whatsoever.

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