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What is vetting?

Websters says vetting is: b : to evaluate for possible approval or acceptance <vet the candidates for a position>

How does vetting work in the escort world. Well escorts get vetted by potential clients. They read our websites, they read out reviews, they read our blogs, our twitter our board posts. some potential clients go over everything we’ve ever said with a fine tooth comb. they even are encouraged by other whore mongers to  message people who have written reviews about us to ask for information what was not included in the review. we get vetted up one side and down the other so potential clients can make what they feel is an informed decision before they purchase a tasty hour or more of our time.

The info is out there for them to review, go over,  assess. Okay,  I’m cool with that. I think just as many people cross you off their list as put you on when they vet you and try to determine if you are a good fit for them.

Escorts verify clients, we dont necessarily “vet” them. We want to know two things. 1. are they safe. 2. are they who they are telling me they are. However we do vet other escorts. We don’t do it to see if they are someone we want to spend an hour of intimate time with but to determine if we want to accept them as a referring provider.

This is something that doesn’t get discussed often because its a hot button issue and is more likely to be talked about in smaller personal groups of friends within the business.  However it should be part of the larger conversation on ways to stay safe as an escort.

The reference system is one way we stay safe. Not everyone participates in it, no one is required to give you a reference you are not required to give one to anyone else but its a widely accepted practice. A professional courtesy you give both your client and you colleagues.


Whose reference you accept matters. Often you are given a ref of a lady you know, you’veheard of, or may even be a friend. Great that makes it easy. However there are times when you have never heard of the name you are given. You need to vet the reference.  You need to research her, read her site, blog, twitter, does she even have those things? Does anyone you know, know her? Heard of her? Is she known for being risky? Does she have a back channel rep for not screening, is she “managed” yeah thats not so thinly veiled code for pimped. All information you should take into consideration when deciding if you should accept a reference. Just like all money isn’t good money, all references are not golden.

If a provider gets arrested and makes the papers and you get her as a ref from a client you might wanna pass on that and find a different way to screen your potential client. Hell,  if that were me id be “unavailable” to that specific client… yanno  forever.  Then  I’m  very stringent. Not everyone is. If a escort starts telling everyone how she screens in a public forum it might make her process easier to get around and you would want to weight her ref  accordingly. It makes her an easier target for being busted and possibly flipped.

Shady people try to get around screening, they really try to get around refs. There have been instances where “fake providers” were made up with that sole purpose in mind. So vetting your ref is important, even if its  just to weed out the ass hats who think they are smarter then you, let alone those that wish to take away your freedom and have resources that your average douche-bag doesn’t have.

So vet and weight the info. Do your research, your homework or whatever you wanna call it. Its important, it will keep you breathing, it will keep you free and yeah its time consuming but its worth it. Call it the cost of doing business, invest in making yourself a part of escort only forums, so you can easily share information with your colleagues. Just as other trades have business associations escorts do to be a part of them.

Not the fun kind

I recently was given a reference from a client for a girl i knew to have been popped on more then a few occasions,  she often chose not to screen. I could not accept her as a ref. Shes a really nice girl and actually i like her a lot as a person. However her being a nice person won’t keep my ass out of jail and when you work in a business that’s is against the law you need to do everything you can to .. here i go again… to minimize your risk. Taking that nice girl as a reference wasn’t going to minimize my personal risk.

One way to do that is to vet your reference…

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