To hot for Youtube?

Cryin' on the inside?

Hey i follow the rules. Yeah, i have a secret YouTube channel where i drive traffic to my clip store. I’m sure if you tried hard enough it would be pretty easy to find. I try to follow the YouTube rules and i think i do a really good job of it. I don’t ape music i use creative commons stuff, i keep it “clean” ie no boobs and its well known how i love to show off the boobs. The other day a new promo clip i made was “removed” from YouTube because it contained “inappropriate content” umm huh? hello… wtf.. and all that jazz.

I scoured the community guidelines looking for my blatant violation, did i accidentally forget to put my tits away or something? i couldn’t find what i did that was so inappropriate. My account wasn’t “warned” so i have no recourse to complain and of course there’s no “support or admin you can write to, in the hopes of finding out why my simple 30 seconds of boots ( not boobs) was too hot for YouTube. so i put it up on Vimeo because i heard they were more artistically friendly ( well fetish friendly) i hardly think my clip are “art”. They are fun, they are fun to make, thy are sometimes sexy and sometimes funny but art? well then again have you seen those water color clown paintings you can by at the mall? Maybe my clips are art.. yanno if you put them on that scale to be weighed.

with out further adieu….

Lick My Boots

Lick my boots from Jenny DeMilo on Vimeo.

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