Justice denied


They’re calling it justice denied and i suppose it is. The man who killed Julissa Brisman killed himself in prison. Stabbed himself in the neck and the leg hitting arteries and covered his head with a plastic bag wrote his girlfriends name in blood and the word “pocket” then died.

For many its over. For the families I’m sure it never ill be. Julissa’s loved ones will never get their day in court but they also wont have to be haunted by the possibility of their childs killer walking free. They wont have to be haunted by her life as a sex worker being used to justify her death in a court of law.

That’s right Julissa was a sex worker. That element is often left out of the story when its being reported.The mainstream media almost never mention that she was working that night when she was killed, that she was targeted because she was a sex worker, her killer thought her easy pray and marginalized, assumed shed have cash on her. What the media also isn’t reporting is that before Julissa’s death it was well known among escorts that network safety info, that a young man in the Boston area was robbing sex workers at gun point and stealing their panties for trophies. That additional victims of this crime were afraid to go to the police and report being robbed at gun point because they were sex workers and feared repercussions. Could Julissa’s life been saved if it was safe for sex workers to come forward when they are victims of crimes? I believe it could have been saved.  That’s not the world we live in right now, though many are fighting to change that. Some in great big giant ways others like me  in small tiny ways.  I dont know if i will ever see that change but i hope i will.

I would have liked to see a tick on the scoreboard “its not okay to kill sex workers” i would like to have seen her murderer pay for the crime of killing a sex worker with a life behind bars but i will have to settle with his death. I cant say I’m not okay with him being dead. I am. I’m almost happy about it. If that makes me a bad person, so be it.

I did not know Julissa. She was just another girl trying to make a living, living a secret life because being a sex worker isn’t something you talk about in public. What i do know is that people loved her and their lives will never be the same because she is gone. That is truly sad to me and it scares me.  What happened to Julissa can happen to any one of us. Which I’m sure is why the death of a girl i didn’t know affected me they way it did. I could see myself, my friends and the people i care about in her shoes, laying dead in the hallway of a hotel in a strange city while the entitled prick  who though her inhuman and worthless walked away and checked his cell phone.

…that is the sad truth

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