Everything starts with a strong determination.

A donut without a hole, is a Danish

Sometimes is not easy being the ball. I’m not wired to let things go and its never easy for me not to give a shit. I’m working to change that. Today i need to try twice as hard to crawl out of the crab barrel before the other crabs pull me back down.

What kinds of causes am I making right now? “What actions am I taking? The answers to these questions are what will determine my future.

Don’t think i dont know that I’m blowing your mind

2 thoughts on “Everything starts with a strong determination.

  • mdrider

    I know how you feel,trying to keep a balance and a foundation for basic civil living IS real hard and it ain’t getting any easier. Recently,I’ve been taking a long look at my life and the world around me, both need work but there is only one that I can initially make a difference in,that’s my starting point…me. I don’t like to tune out or be indifferent but I’ve got to get my wheels rolling right to be of any use to the “greater good”.

    The choices and decisions DO effect your future,man,don’t I know that….it’s true and very f@cking real.

    So, kick back and absorb Ty Webb’s philosophy and set your course….Tomorrow still comes!

    P.S. You can blow my mind Anytime! ;-}

  • I am the music maker and i am the dreamer of the dreams.

    Not easy to remember sometimes when the world seems to want to get in the way of what you are trying to accomplish. The day started out tripping me and mocking me at recess but it ended up a great day and i got the opportunity to remember what mattered and what IS important.

    the compare and contrast was staggering and maybe that’s just what i needed to see.

    PS. Ty Webb… hot and funny, a winning combo!

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