The disappearing girl trick

The disappearing girl

It happens, someone disappears from the radar. A girl you email with, talk to online, tweet at. Poof, disappears. Her site is down, her phone disconnected, her twitter deleted. It always freaks me out. Usually its just someone taking a break or leaving the game with no fanfare. Sometimes its because someones been outed and they need all their info down NOW.  I once got a crying phone call at 7am from a escort i knew who’s grown daughter had been forwarded all her reviews and websites. She was at her straight job and was begging me in tears to get into her website back end and take down all her sites… i did what i could.

Girls have disappeared because they were arrested. Usually while on tour. They are expected to be somewhere and never make it. The panic that ensues can be very overwhelming. You dont know why she’s missing, just that she is. No one knows her real name to check for arrest records, you think the worst until you can figure out shes locked up and not dead in a ditch. Recently a girl disappeared because she was kidnapped by a pimp. It happens more often then people think. Some naive girl with dollar signs in her eyes gets taken in by an “escort agency” that’s really a pimp and his bottom bitch ropeing in young impression-ables.

Other girls go missing because they are dead, killed by clients, tricks, hobbyists. Bad decisions and bad luck have lead them to the appointment of no return.They get found in hotel rooms off the track beaten to death.

It always freaks me out when someone disappears. Though 9 times out of 10 the girl is okay  and just laying low for her own personal reasons. It’s the one out of 10 i worry about. Is the thing we all fear. That next it will be us that disappears. That the magician will wave his magic wand and say abracadabra and we will be the next one into the mist.

Another girl i know and like is missing. Her sites are paused, her phone disconnected. I hate this. I hate this a lot. I hope shes okay, i wont be okay until i know shes okay. Every time this happens it chips away at me a little more. it happens more then it should.

ET phone home, let us know you’re ok.

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