Hearding cats and other pastimes

Know, it learn, it live it...

Verifying references is essential. I’m a reference friendly escort. That basically means i will vouch for a guy I’ve seen when he wants to see another escort. He gives her my info then she contacts me and i let her know that I’ve seen him. Its one of the way ladies stay safe.

I have a very specific way i do things, i expect the escort to give me enough information on the potential client so that i can easily figure out who shes talking about. His name, email, board handles, cell number and maybe something to jog my memory about him but usually just the specifics he would have used to book with me are needed. I dont see people with out verifying them, so if i don’t have their cell, name, email, etc… i didn’t see them.


The other information i need is on the escort asking me for the reference. If i dont already know her personally or have had some kinda online interaction then i need her to let me know who SHE is to make sure SHE is legit. I’m not going to haphazardly give out a reference if I’m not 100% sure it’s a real escort asking for the info and not an angry wife, nosey reporter or even a man in a uniform. So i expect an escort to write me from her main email, to give me a link to her reviews, website, verification service profile or combination there of.

Seems simple enough right? Well its not. I never used to have reference issues but it seems every third one that comes in these days there’s an issue. From not enough client info, to who the fuck are you asking, to oh my god how about you put on your “I have manners and i know how to use them” hat and not demand that i do you this favor because you’re an entitled bitch that the world owes a favor to.

I got a reference request from a girl i never heard of. She didn’t do any of the things i need to turn her around a reference. Only partial client info, no info on herself (not even an web address in her email signature) and she was a rude entitled twat. One line “I need a reference for INSERT FIRST NAME HERE. His email address is INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS HERE” and…. that’s all she wrote. Now off the top of my head i know who the client is, he uses me as a referece often, he’s a regular and a really good client. So i write this chick back telling her i need her to give me HER Info in order to be able to help her out that i need to verify HER and id be happy to give her a reference if she could do that. I was much nicer than i wanted to be. Mainly because hes a good client. I never heard back from her.

Days later my client drops me a note asking if i got a reference check, that he was dealing with a difficult provider. I forwarded him the exchange between this dumb bitch and myself and told him she never got back to me. He then forwarded to me his exchange with her. This idiot told MY client that his reference didn’t check out and she declined to see him. Now she can see whoever she wants but WTF cunt! It wasn’t the client that didn’t check out, it this dumb slag. I asked for more info and this fool told a client who used me as a ref “he didn’t check out” un-fucking real. I saw red.

I don't owe *you* anything, i owe my client

Well my client and i compared notes (and emails) and he was grateful that I’m as careful as i am with his personal information. Clients put their trust in us when they give his screening information and its up to us to safeguard that info and to do our due diligence when doing a reference check. He said he was done dealing with her. Obviously she’s retarded. She lost out on a really good client and her name is mud with me for attempting to try to ruin my good relationship with a client by lying to him, in reference to me.

From now on I’m CCing all client reference check response to the client as well. I dont know if it’s that the economy is down and girls who would never be escorts start working and sully it with their terrible business practices and stupid dumb attitudes or if its the rise in hooker-dom on the TV and movie machines or maybe it’s just I’ve been lucky in the past with this issue. But seriously its not rocket science it shouldn’t be like herding cats but these days it sure seems like it is and really I’m not a cat herder nor do i want to be one.

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  • mdrider

    Thanks for the Blog!

    If I’m interested in a provider that does not use Date-Check,I
    make sure to provide her with two reasonably current references(3-6 months) of providers that are reputable in my area(D.C./Baltimore metro area)and who have reviews,board affiliations and whose website,email,and cell are current.

    I ask my references if I can use them as references prior to doing so, at least the first time and if I use them again I try to give them a heads up via email or text. A little bit of advanced notice and asking prior to submitting their name to a fellow provider goes along way in making things run smoothly for all parties involved.

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