Risk Management

I don't think I am going to say, "What the fuck?" anymore

Working as an escort can be dangerous. Its not like any other job you can have. You put yourself into dangerous situations. Clients are bigger, stronger and you are often alone with them on strange territory and on their terms. So you need to do things to protect yourself, to limit your risks. An escorts first line of defense is screening. Now I’m not going to get into too much detail here about the how of screening, you can just call that a trade secret. It is though ever evolving. Think of it like a living document. As escorts become more and more visible in the mainstream world, more people come to know that smart girls screen their clients. As a result our techniques become public and that can put us at risk. As soon as someone knows HOW we do something if they are a bad person (and there are plenty out there) they can try to find away around our screening process. So to combat that we switch it up…. A LOT. We have to to keep our pretty little asses out of the clink and in some cases keep ourselves alive and breathing.

So don’t get all pissy when an escort asks you for screening information. If you want to see her bad enough give up whatever shes asking for. If it’s to much for you and you’re not willing to give up what she needs to not only feel safe but to be safe…  then don’t give it to her and then go home and fuck your wife. It’s just that simple. Don’t make her drag it out of you. All that’s going to do is build resentment and when you do get her in person and naked after she had to struggle to get what she needs out of you info wise, shes going to treat you accordingly.  Do you want her to blow your mind and rock your world? Then make it easy for her to do that, and don’t start the interaction off by being a douche.

Screening info, the real pantie dropper

I have a certain way I do business and a certain way I screen. I NEVER deviate from my path, when I have made that mistake in the past (yes, its true I’m not perfect like you think I am) I have wound up getting myself into trouble. I’ve been shoved against a wall, robbed and punched it he face. Every single time I’ve had an incident when in retrospect I’ve traced my steps to see how to better improve my process, I have come to the conclusion that I fucked up and deviated from my path. I set up those rules for myself for a reason and now some years later, experienced and knowledgeable I understand all to well how being an escort is all about risk management and I am now a great manager of risk. Which is why I’ve never been to jail, which is why I no longer have incidents where I get shoved against a wall or assaulted in front of a building in downtown LA. I learned the lesson of never, ever, ever take a risk you don’t have to. No mater how badly you need the money.

That is what keeps you safe… and i am nothing if not a safety girl.

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