Demagoguery and the message board hobbyist

Have you no shame?

Websters defines Demagoguery like this:

Main Entry: 1dem·a·gogue
Variant(s): also dem·a·gog
Function: noun
Etymology: Greek dēmagōgos, from dēmos people 
Date: 16481 : a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power
We see this happen all the time, a hobbyist who writes a lot of reviews  and who the other dudes look up to for intel on hookers, a mod who spends why to much time “moderating” message boards, board posters who spend hours upon hours raising their post count because they feel as if it gets them some kinda notoriety.  Trying to make themselves popular, powerful, large and in charge of the world surrounding the hooker message board. When a popular message board went off line and reemerged in a new incarnation recently, there was a whole bunch of people who were truly upset that they had lost their post count. As if how many times they commented on “what is a gfe” or “shaved or not shaved pussy” matters for something. Well to them it did, the post count made them a leader, an expert in the field of whoredom. At least in their own eyes.
Big fish, or big tits. You decide.

The feel they have power and I suppose in their small pond they might be considered a big fish by some smaller minnows. Then you can always watch it take a turn for the crazy into Demagogue land. They are looked up to by their minnows in the pond and they start to use that admiration to further grab power in any way they can. Usually these are they types that feel powerless in the real live world, who make the mad dash for power on a message board. The types that are not looked up to out side of the online world. But online…. they think they are someone special. How many times has an escort heard “i can make and break your career” by some dude? Lots. How many times has an escort been threatened with a bad review?  Lots. Hell even I  was just recently threatened by some freak on a message board that he was going to give  me a “spike” in blog hits because he didn’t like something in said in a private conversation. (BTW I’m still waiting for that spike you said you were able to deliver, when is it going to get here? I don’t got all day)

'Cause Your Crystal Ball Ain't So Crystal Clear

If they feel it will up their cache, they will have no issue with an attempt to ruin a providers reputation, especially some uppity whore with a big mouth, or some uppity whore out of their price range, or some uppity whore that doesn’t have their preferred body style. They can always find some uppity whore to try to tear down as they try to build themselves up.  I mean whores are to service them, to be how THEY want them to be, they aren’t not real people.  It’s easy to sway a bunch of dudes who have issues with women, that women are bad. If they are predisposed to the idea, then a few well planted words on a “men’s only” website or a few back channel whispers, they feel will do the trick. They not only get to denigrate who ever is the uppity whore of the moment but they get to be raised in the esteem of the minnows which in turns gives them more cache and what they think is power plus, they get granted the moniker of super hobbyist!

Anything for a little power grab when you’re dealing with the hooker world. Ethics? They don’t have any, forethought? Well, you’d need actual thought for that. The hobbyist demagoguery is unleashed and runs rampant. They pontificate and use their slight of hand to further make that long climb up what they believe to be the hobby ladder. They cant wait to get to the top rung where they can wield their immense power to make the minnows and whores do their bidding and they will do it by manipulating people using their own bias and prejudices against them.  Classic… textbook… demagoguery.
Pussy Power Activate!

However, that’s not power. The dirty little secret is that the hookers really have the power because they have the pussy. Power of the pussy will always trump some socially retarded, unaccomplished, egomaniacal, loser who spends too much time thinking about, posting about, talking about and trying to control a bunch of hookers on a message board.

H. L. Mencken defined a demagogue as “one who will preach doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots.” Yup that pretty much sums it up.

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7 thoughts on “Demagoguery and the message board hobbyist

  • Willy Wonka

    Another kick ass post Jenny!

    When I got into this hobby, me just being me, I often thought of all of us as an odd collection of freaks, a kind of big disfunctional family. It’s been a bit of a bummer when I realized that I was probably in a minority in feeling that way, at least amongst many of the gents in this hobby.

    But you’re right. The ladies are the ones who really do have the power. Even Iggy Pop knows that. 🙂

  • Yup. If you look closely you’ll see that same desperate power grab everywhere… check out the next guy who gets REALLY pissed off at Starbucks because there’s a little too much foam in his coffee.

  • Deseree

    Hi Jenny,

    I really love your blog. What keeps me coming back is how real, honest, and straight-forward you are. I also love the images you use; they are so appropriate and marvelous. Keep up the great writing.


  • Sarah

    It isn’t always the men who are like this! There are ex whores, bored whores, whores with a grudge,has been whores, or just complete failures as whores, who also inhabit the message board, and have ‘that chair’. They fall out with the hobbyist guy who thinks he has a right to be there simply because he has been on there a long time, but they generally fall in with him if he falls out with someone – especially another working girl they don’t particularly like ( perhaps she is pretty)

    I think also that a lot of these people who are generally knowledgeable about Every Damned Subject raised… are not punters at all!


  • WW: Iggy Pop knows best 😉

    Ethan: True its not singular to hobbyist boards and can be seen across the online world. But there’s something dastardly about it when its a group of men trying to control a women’s freedom of snatch

    Des: Thanks for your comment! I hope you keep coming back!

    Sarah: I dont really see a lot of women in positions of authority on message boards here in the states. Unless its ladies only forums/sites. Maybe its different across the pond. I would tend to agree though the know-it-alls seem to me to spend their time on the boards and not “on the whores” 🙂

  • Dan

    I was a board regular back in the day, yanno when I was a young pup and the internet was still shiny! I still check out reviews, but mostly the bullshit from the demagogues has turned me into an occasional lurker rather than a regular participant. Some of these guys make MY skin crawl, and I’m not expected to fuck them!

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