Client Vrs Hobbyist

Hookers are your freinds

Lots of different guys like to screw hookers. They are from every walk of life, every income bracket, every race, creed or color. There’s no way to single out a group of men and say ” those guys dont/haven’t/never will bang a hot chick in exchange for cash” they all do it, have done it, will do it. You cant divide them into groups.. you can however sub categorize them. Now the common term for pay for play companionship for those in the subculture is… “the hobby” yep fucking hookers is now a hobby, yanno like building model cars or collecting stamps. The common term for a man who fucks hookers on the regular is a “hobbyist” yep hes just engaging in a little fun past time like building a ship in a bottle. Though i dont like either of those terms i use them because they have become the lingo of the culture and its just easier (hey I’m lazy) I however am no fan and have made it no secret that I’m no fan of … the hobbyist. Don’t get me wrong i love men who fuck hookers. Hey they keep me employed and put food on my table. I like to call those men, clients. A client is a man who screws hookers. A hobbyist is a man who not only screws hookers but delves so deeply in the culture of fucking hookers that they think it makes them special… that they fuck hookers.

Newsflash: hookers get paid to screw you, its not like its a hard thing to make happen. It sure as fuck doesn’t make you special because you have a spare 300-1500 bucks for a little pay to play nookie. Its like the guy who thinks because hes got 150 to spend on a limo to go out to the club that that some how makes him special and not a douche-bag. Really hes trying to impress other people with his means and that’s what hobbyists do, spend a shit load of time trying to impress others  that hes special because he fucks hookers, spends his days posting on message boards about fucking hookers, back channeling (normal people call this gossip and sabotage) about hookers and finally writing review, after review, after review about fucking hookers. Like who ever has the most reviews of fucking hookers gets into heaven first or something. It often looks obsessive.

She stroked my fur until i purred all over her

As a hooker with reviews i try to keep them to a manageable amount, i dont want every encounter detailed in all it’s hot sweaty glory for all the world to read. I want just enough so that potential clients know I’m legitimate, that i provide what i say i do and that I’m currently working. So when a client asks me if i would like them to write a review as they are walking out my hotel door, i usually just say “not unless you really want to”. Most of my clients are way too busy with lives outside of their hooker fucking pastime to sit down and detail how tight my pussy is anyways.

A hobbyist will always write a review. As I’ve said before its more fun if you get to brag about it after. Or if you get to slam a girl after you’ve paid to fuck her. Cuz really whats more fun then taking out your buyers remorse on someone who just sucked your cock and made you cum. Now there’s nothing wrong with being a steady reviewer but when you mix that with a constant hooker message board presence you get, “he hobbyist”. One who not only writes a review for everything but think hes an authority on all things hooker related. A hobbyist loves to tell hookers how to run their business as if someone who shells out cash for sex knows what its like to be on the other side of the fence. They dont, but they will tell you how to do everything from to market your business to how to suck a dick. Seriously they will. The will also pedal their “guidance”and curry favor, pass you around to their group of old dog friends, and work and work and work for that freebie they are all looking for. Ahhh to be the hobbyist flavor of the month, my skin is crawling just thinking about it.

A client, pays his fee, spends his time with you and then goes home to his life … because he HAS one.

Clients are the goal

Clients are what escorts want, they are low drama, they don’t demand discounted or free services because you are running 15 mins late, they call when they are going to be late. They don’t threaten you with their stature on a message board to get you to provide a service you don’t want to, They don’t stand you up after weeks of planning then blow it off because what are you gonna do complain and if you do that they will just hit the men’s only website and call you names and blah blah blah about you… Clients treat you well and are respectful of you and your time. Clients treat you like people they like, who are providing a service they want. Hobbyists are douchebags with limo mentality who more and more seem to not like women very much. It seems they are working out their mommy, wifey, or ex girlfriend  who fucked them over issues by screwing and trying to manipulate as many hookers as they can on message boards.

I was personally involved with a man who enjoyed fucking hookers for years. He was never a hobbyist, he was always a client to them. I would never date a hobbyist, yanno unless his hobby was golf or something.

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