Act II, Scene II

Freebies its whats for breakfast...NOT

I recently had an exchange with another provider on a message board that got me thinking. The subject was simple, some bone head hobbyist posted asking the question. How many times do you have to visit a provider before she will fuck you for free. (always some schmuck on a message board looking for a freebie) It got the typical response from both men and women, which was don’t be a ass-hat providers charge for fucking.  I added my two cents and asked the poster when was the last time HE worked for free and then suggested if he was looking to get laid for free that he tap his wife or try his luck using all that charm he displayed at a local bar.

You would think that would have been the end of it.. this poor dude did get quite the beat down from everyone.. well almost everyone.

It happens a lot and its happens in this poor economy more often then it should but there is always some provider who thinks if she wiggles up to the hobbyist point of view, even if that point of view is detrimental to providers in general and then tries to reshape the conversation she can turn the discussion into marketing her services and away from the discussion in general.

Chicken suits, marketing gold mines

So in this case this provider, who i referred to as a  hooker but she took offence to that, (hey a rose by another name.. but whatever) stated her views that working for free was commonplace in the “real world” and that she didn’t see anything ridiculous about a hooker fucking her clients for free. Though on its face when you don’t charge for sex your not a hooker but I’ll leave that alone. Now i saw this for exactly what it was, a ploy. It’s been done over and over and by those more skilled then this chick. The idea is to get the men to side with her “see that chick thinks freebies are ok!”  in the hopes they will book with her cuz you never know when that “free session” will happen. I mean shes already said she doesn’t think there is anything wrong with it and that implication is that she does give it away for free. I like to call this the message board “look at me, look at me” post. Now you can bet your sweet ass this hooker …errr provider wont be giving away any free sessions  but some poor slob is going to fall for it. So is it good marketing? Possibly, she might get a session or two out of it. However it does a greater disservice to her fellow providers in the fact that shes trying to reshape the message in hopes of getting a extra session and not thinking about what that reshaped message is and how it will not only affect herself in the future but her sisters in arms. Now lots of chicks don’t give two shits about other providers, id id be willing to bet this hooker is in that camp, however she shouldn’t be so short fucking sighted.

A hooker advocating for free sessions? Does she really wanna have that fight alone in a hotel room  when a bigger stronger client who has invested time and money in her and decides that its now time for his free session?

Hey if some dumb hooker wants to devalue her product and give away what she sells at a premium its her prerogative but that’s the kinda shit you keep under raps so it doesn’t bite you in the ass down the road. So you’re not known as the “free session” girl. Or have to fend off someone who heard from someone else back channel that you gave it to your other client and now hes entitled. Cuz we all know how much hobbyist back channel, hell they even have a site CALLED backchannel.

...If you can get the milk for free

Oh and once you give it away .. they will never pay for it again. You’ve just made your product worth what they paid for it… nothing.

11 thoughts on “Act II, Scene II

  • That’s really funny. You have a really good grasp of how sales work (not just sex, like sales as scientific theory).

    A hooker advocating for free sessions? Does she really wanna have that fight alone in a hotel room when a bigger stronger client who has invested time and money in her and decides that its now time for his free session?

    That is about the scariest situation I can imagine.

  • I always advocated YMMV in this biz. In my view, someone who I adore and who books overnight every other week probably is more likely to be served caviar and champagne on the date rather than avian. But FREE? If a client wants free date, they better be prepared to run to drug store in the middle of night to get me tampax, or to listen to me bitch about something that the could not care about .. in other words to be my SO.

    Screaming “i do freebies and still remain non demanding dissapearing ho” on message boards is counterproductive to say the least.

  • Taxi Driver: whats that saying, theres nothing more expensive then free pussy?

    Ethan: I might have a little bit of a background in marketing and messaging 😉 and yeah i know i wouldn’t wanna be alone in a hotel room with a hobbyist when his sense of entitlement got out of control. Super scary!

    Lina: Exactly! if i screwed a hobbyist for free thats called cheating on my boyfriend!

  • I totally appreciate your business sense and definitely despise the overly arrogant sense of male privilege that I feel like the average hobbyist embodies, but have you ever ever dated one of your clients? Most sex workers confess to this, some even openly admit it, many have married former clients and many more have easily done a freebie with a super hot male model walking away sighing that we would have paid THEM for that service 😉 I’ve extended one hours into 4 hours totally at my discretion of real desire, which is where free sex for many providers often turns into a real relationship. I used to be ashamed of it, but now as a single escort who uses her work for my own weekly orgasm diet I RELISH in it. This is not to say that I am giving freebies left and right, quite the contrary is true. I think that the trick is to keep them thinking that they ARE going to be that Richard Gere character…

  • Mariko: I get where you are coming from! extending a client extra time isn’t the same thing as giving away free sessions. Lots of people, including myself have given extra time and extended appointments with clients for all kinds of reasons. I dont think thats uncommon.

    And yes i have dated a client. he was a client once and we were in an intimate, personal, love based, relationship for years and now he’s my best friend. But he’s not a hobbyist, and never was. Hes was a “client” there’s a world of difference in those two things.

  • buckeye619

    Hey J…I did see that original thread on the other message board and all the typical responses. Your assessment of the discussion was incisive & spot on 😉

    I might add that the men are also guilty of the “look at me” post…the ones that begin…”a provider wants to spend time with me off the clock…has this happened to anyone else?”

    Obviously he wants everyone to know what a stud he is and is looking for a bit of ego stroking on the board…lol

    There seems to be much more going on in these discussions than just “pay to play”

  • Buckeye: Yes, you are correct! The hobbyist side of the “look at me” post is often in full effect. Sometimes i wonder if the message board and the ensuing search for the ego stroke isn’t the “real” hobby 😉

  • thank you for saying that there is a difference between “client” and “Hobbyist” I thought I was the only one who felt that way! Hobbyists are soooo arrogant to me and that’s why they are rarely my clients and never have been my romantic interests or made the evolution from pay to no pay encounters.

  • Michelle

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