Hot girls and ice cream cones

It’s always a good day when I get to shoot pictures of hot girls in a porn house in the beautiful San Fernando Valley. Which is just what I did this last weekend. I picked up Audrey Trouble and Vanessa Monet and off we went to create Kodak moments. The idea was to get as much stuff done as we could before the music video shooting next showed up a few hours later.  The record label people shooting after us actually showed up early an kept us company and by that i mean hung out while I shot naked and half naked hotties. Go figure.

It was a productive day and we got a lot of great photos. I shot the girls solo and I did a couple of sets of double shots with both the girls together, along with some ice cream cones…  See, going to that ultra expensive art school really did pay off.

Just another day at the office

Its a rough life… I know.

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