“The meat it feeds on”

Green with...

I’m always amused at how closely my every move is scrutinized by people who basically just don’t like me. I know, I know,  it’s hard to believe that anyone wouldn’t like me. I like to personally subscribe to the theory that they are either threatened or intimated by little old me and are weak minded little trolls who don’t have much to occupy their time with. However scrutinize me they do (for whatever their twisted reasons), studying me, analyzing everything I write, photograph and say. Waiting for me to make some kind of misstep so they can then try to use it against me somehow. It reminds me of when I worked in advertising all those years ago, a creative director would spend her time interrogating my colleagues after meetings looking for some thing she could use against me down the road. She was weak minded and completely threatened.

I suppose I find it amusing because when I don’t like something (or someone) I don’t spend my time and energy on every little thing they do. I dont read their blogs, follow their twitter, look at their websites, read their books, go see their movies, art shows or dramatic readings. I don’t bother with anything they do.

Louis Prima said it best

Life is too damn short for that kinda crap. Id rather write something original, photograph some hot chick, read a book or volunteer at my local food bank then waste my time festering and fretting over someone I don’t much care for. The people I don’t care for cease to exist in my world, I’m funny like that.

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