Oh prince charming take me away….

No i am not available after the bars close drunk caller. Yes, i can tell you’re drunk even though you are not slurring, how you ask? well its 2:19 am when you called to “check my availability” Yes i was asleep and yes you did wake me up. I’m sorry I’m wasn’t the tweaker ho up all night, ready on a moments notice, dying to invite you over to her incall that you were looking for. Had you read my site (ha! yeah right) you would have seen that i generally need 24 hours advance notice for incall anyways and outcall if you call at 2:19am means i cant be ready until 3:19 (well hell i was asleep an hour is good time) then travel time to get to you 4:19 (its LA there’s even traffic at night) and well you’re passed out by then and I’m left pounding on your front door in a fit of rage while the sun comes up.

See how that goes mister middle of the night drunk caller? Just jerk off when you’re drunk and calling escorts in the middle of the night, in fact how about this, DON’T call them and annoy them. You’re not serious and you wouldn’t be any good in the sack anyways. I mean your DRUNK, its late and lets face it you probably have issues in that arena anyways.

I’m just far to responsible to be available to drunk guys right before dawn and ruin my whole next day due to lack of sleep and having to deal with horny disrespectful drunks. I know, i know i have to remember to tun off my bat phone when i go to bed…. next time!

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