I am sure they are sour

The Las Vegas Weekly loves me – I did a interview with them and it came out rather nicely. I was able to not just spotlight myself but to give a little good press to this odd subculture i found myself in for the past few years. You never know when you do something like this how its going to turn out. If your long ass interview is going to end up a tiny sound bite or if they are going to paint you in a negative light, take a small statement out of context with the intent of pounding your round hole into their square peg, so i was rather happy with this result. I consider this quite an accomplishment I’m proud of it- i came off funny, articulate and interesting. Because that’s what i am- big ups to the reporter Jennifer Grafiada for making me comfortable enough to spill my guts.

What i wasn’t happy with was the amount of “sour grapes” my from people who were supposedly colleagues in this world. Yeah i expected a few haters, but from people who basically… hate me, not people who are all kissy kissy nice to my face. It was a bit of a surprise to see or rather it was a bit of a surprise to hear as the back channel chatter came around to me. That’s right fuckfaces i have ears in the back of my head, i know what you said.

oh well for all those lovelies who took this opportunity to slam me behind my back like the bitch ass cowards that they are ….

You can suck it!

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