We All Shine On

I’ve always lived my life as if things were a Beatles song.

Everybody does have something to hide except me and my monkey, happiness is a warm gun and I really do believe all you need is love. Thinking this way has left me at worst devastated and disappointed when sadly i learned that not everyone thought the way i did and delighted and amused when my path crossed with someone kindred spirit who did.

As i got a little older i began to live my life as if things were a John Lennon song. I’m often crippled inside, I know it ain’t easy and i am always trying to find someone to gimme some truth.

It was a funny little revelation i made on my birthday this year – i wonder do other people live their lives like they are lyrics of songs. Maybe they do any maybe they don’t or just maybe they do but they are to paralyzed by life to recognize it. It might also explain my strange attachment to apples…

Like the moon and the stars and the sun

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