There’s no place like home

I’m home from my quick jaunt to Washington DC and still haven’t gotten my body clock back to normal, this daylight savings thing isn’t doing me any favors either. I missed the epileptic pooch and my little hipster love shack but I had such a great time that i am going back to visit DC again in a couple months. While there I went to a couple of great restaurants Marcel’s where the squab was amazing and The Peacock Cafe in Georgetown and i got a tour of the Pentagon. Yup that’s right i was lucky enough to get to walk around the Pentagon (with an escort of course) it was really a thrill to be there and see the largest office building in the world. Also well worth the fact that i know my info must be in yet another government database of some kind. I didn’t get to do any real sight seeing like the White House or the Mall but i did get to meet up with some super sweet local girls one being the very strikingly beautiful Mylan for some nosh and a couple drinks.

My gentlemen callers were all really fun (especially the non birthday boy and my first timer i got to ruin… oh my, oh my) and i wonder is DC always like that? Is everyone always so cheerful and fun to be around or is it because of the new administration in town. Was it all doom and gloom over the last 8 years and now its like in the Wizard Of Oz when the house lands on the Wicked Witch Of The East and the doors open to a beautiful Technicolor other world. Even though it was amazingly cold and i seem to have brought snow with me again, like i did when i went to Boston. I still really enjoyed myself and had to stifle my canary eating grin every time my travel companions were cranky and ready to go home, I could have stayed another week without a second thought.

Oh DC i shall return soon but there is…. no place like home.

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  • Don

    Phooey, we were fun and happy even before our new resident got here. Some were happy with the previous tenant, some – well, most – were happy to see him leave. But there’s a whole lot more to our city than just what you see on CNN and some of us really love it, regardless of the renter du jour.

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