Busted In Houston Texas

Another big escort agency got busted. This time in Houston. The last big bust was in Arizona. this time a couple was arrested for running the “prostitution ring” and it was another long investigation, 2 years long, that’s long. The female owner called herself the “Heidi Fleiss” of Huston. lets hope not Heidi got busted for having a big mouth and has since fallen into hard, hard times and looks like she will never recover. Drug addiction will do that to you. I have always had a soft spot for Heidi, our paths have crossed much over my lifetime and though i would never presume to call her a “friend” maybe a long ago before i was ever an escort frenemy would be more appropriate title. I hope some day she really does get it together and can live the rest of her life out happy and healthy.

So back to Houston. Its funny because i was just doing some research into Texas for touring, and i was on the fence about going there. With ASPD the local Texas escort website being down for months after their hacking and the fact that rates tend to be lower in Texas i wasn’t sure it was for me. Now with this latest news i know I’m not going to tour Texas. This very well could shut down Houston for escorts for quite a while if it really is as big a bust as the media is making it out to be. Az is a dead state and hasn’t even come close to bouncing back after the huge bust there last year.

The backlash of this will be the “screening issue” the cops in Houston has this agencies client list. They are making much hulabalu out of it, its large (1500 names large) and as will all guys that can afford 350 a pop or more to see a hooker, its reported to have some prominent Houston names on it.

It makes clients or potential clients scared to screen in fear that their name will be on a client list in the future. Lets get a few things straight, when you use an agency to see a hooker, you take on certain risks, mostly the risk is of a bait and switch or upsell situation, because most agencies are not flat fee legit gfe agencies. However there are some out there and with those your risk is that they screen you to make sure you are not law enforcement or a crazy kookoo who wants to hurt their girls. Which they should do, that’s good business and its safety driven. Here’s the downside though, Agencies look like a tasty yummy dessert to Law enforcement. They love to bust them. They look good to their communities for “cleaning them up” and they they make a HUGE media splash, it looks like they are doing their job and earning their paychecks. That is a major consideration that most clients don’t take into consideration when they call an escort agency. Its the one they should consider the most if they are worried that their name in the local paper on a “johns list” might i don’t know… ruin their marriages and lives.

In contrast that risk is not something you take on when you give your screening info to a legit reputable INDEPENDENT provider. No police agency is going to spend 2 years of tax payer money spear heading an investigation into one little independent girl for a misdemeanor prostitution bust where she will be released in most cases on a 250.00 bond or ORO in 24 hours, provided shes got no warrants or priors. I’m not saying there is no risk, there is never NO risk in this game.The trick is to minimize the risk weigh the consequences . So if the consequences of your name being on an agencies “trick list” is too much for you then keep it in your pants and screw your wife or take a calculated lesser risk and see an independent escort with a good reputation.

yanno… like me.

4 thoughts on “Busted In Houston Texas

  • Sheba

    My partner and I have used an agency once, but usually favor independent practitioners. In Miami it is really an issue of finding high quality for the type of female we like. It’s much easier to meet someone in another setting (strip club / swingers club) than the more professional route.

  • cj

    I fuckin hate election years around here. That’s when the mayor or whoever gets a bug up their ass to crack down on parlors. As soon as the first place in town gets raided, we all go mental from the fear that we’re next. Then a couple weeks go by and the news coverage fades – and we know we’re safe for now.


  • Las Vegas Courtesan

    Houston is notorious for going ape shit during election years. I am sure they went nutty on Treasures or Men’s Club as well during the same time period. So predictable down there.

    I have actually known quite a few girls who work in Texas and make more money there than other states like, Florida or New Jersey for example. Most Texans that come out to Vegas tend to spend some $$ compared to the Jersey guys (they say some crazy things for $150!)

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