Accountability breeds responsibility.

Screening is necessary in this business, its necessary for several reasons. Prostitution is illegal, yeah even in Vegas so you don’t wanna go to jail and bad people find it easy to do bad things to prostitutes. So you need to screen so you know WHO It is you are going to be spending time with. You must become a Jr Private Eye. Its not just to keep you free, its to keep you alive and safe. But screening is just a risk management tool it cant protect you from everything.

I’ve been hearing stories about girls getting ripped off lately. Its always a possibility, it happens to the best of us. Some douchebag runs out on his bill – to use a term i heard the other day he’s “stealing pussy” but usually that’s a dine and dash situation. You get a little sloppy and wham then next thing you know he’s running out the door and your still naked and cant chase him down the hallway of the 4 star hotel you rented under your real name. Calling security also not usually an option. You suck it up, curse yourself out for a bit then try to make the adjustment so that situation doesn’t happen again. Its never a happy day and you feel really bad besides now being broke. I know this from experience.

The disturbing thing i see happening more is TRUSTED clients ripping off escorts they’ve seen before, or creating elaborate rouses to scam an escort out of more time intimate and other wise. Clients with references going back years, ripping off providers they’ve seen several times and therefore have built a certain amount of trust up with and worse they are getting aggressive in the process.

Is it a sign of tough times? These same guys who when things are going well in their world and they are feeling flush would never cross the line of stealing and scamming someone, now that they are feeling the squeeze are ripping off and taking advantage of ladies they know because that’s the easy mark for them. Is That how they get the powerful feeling back that having lots of expendable income gives them? Its pathetic and sad and its happening more and more.

Screening cant save you from that kind of loser. So in the tough times ahead we need to be extra alert and aware, even with clients we’ve seen before. The only thing screening can do in that case is give you enough information that if they cross the line into stealing, scamming or abusing an escort that there will be some recourse and you have the option of holding someone accountable. You cant do that if you don’t know WHO you are seeing, which is yet another reason why screening is so important.

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  • Alexa

    I couldn’t agree with you more. It is definitely a necessity. I’ve been fortunate in that I haven’t had anyone rip me off, yet. But I do a very in depth screening. I’ve had a few hold back information or provide false information, and I immediately reject them. Fortunately, I am in the position where I can afford to do that. Some providers aren’t so lucky.

    I’ve had several potential clients say they don’t believe we should screen so heavily. I’m like, well, find someone else to play with then. My safety/freedom is more important to me than your alleged concern over your privacy.

  • RebeccaDeos

    I think for many people, they are still struggling with the economy, and havent learned to live within their new means. They are acting desperately to hang onto their old lifestyle, at any cost.

    It is definately a sign of the times, and I’ve heard the same story from mainstream business owners, as well as running into it myself in one of my mainstream businesses.

    And I’m sure the client that is ripping off his long time providers is also doing the same thing to his plumber and lawn care company.

    The thing that makes me nervous is the amount of girls entering the industry right now out of desperation and the economy. Right behind them will be a new wave of predators, people seeing it as an opportunity to profit off someone else. This will make strong screening even more important.

  • Anonymous

    I have heard from two ladies very well respected, and for a fact, that some (two come to mind, that they each mentioned) well known TER guys who will make you stay with them for 4 + hours and then pay you for one hour. Obviously someone let them get away with it- so they continue to do so. That’s what blacklists are for. Problem is, some girl puts them on a list- and then some other girls run to tell that TER member in hope of getting on that members ‘good side’.

  • Anonymous

    That goes both ways. I had someone take my money, ask to use the bathroom, and then bolt.

    The current economy should have all of us being extra careful.

    Women saying they are providers, may be little more than thieves, and men may be out to ‘steal pussy,’ as you say.

    Either way, karma should destroy their lives in the worst way!

    This could be looked at as rape.

    Harsh word, I know. But seriously, ‘taking’ sex is rape.

    We have all woke up, hungover, to someone we wouldn’t sleep with, sober, in a million years. That is what it is, a mistake. But agreeing on a set of circumstances, and then reneging on the deal?

    Wrong, wrong, wrong!

  • tessa

    I have been getting a ton of men over the last week saying my screen is to “business like” this is just me asking, what when and where. It’s making me doubt my myself and I’m trying to act friendlier but am seeing that this is tool for them to manipulate me by being dumb and naive and “friendly.” I’m getting a string of people forgetting they are hiring escorts and not a FB!

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