Entitlement begins its consuming grind

There are rules for ad postings on message boards about hookers. They all vary to some degree or another but there are rules. Escorts must adhere to such rules or risk banishment and lose the ad venue or be subject to ridicule and public scolding by those tho know the rules inside and out. The rules are often hard to find.

I’ve been noticing a trend on several boards, Hobbyists (johns, tricks, clients whatever you want to call them) posting derogatory insulting comments on a escorts ad thread. The slant seems to be “you charge too much, don’t you know there’s a recession!!” with a good portion of “you fucking whore” implied though some don’t imply the last part but come right out in say it. Classy.

A recession? really? wow i was too busy doing my nails and playing with my perpetually wet snatch to watch the news or pay attention to the world around me to notice, you don’t say.

The escorts I KNOW all knew about the recession long before the disgruntled nasty comment backlash started or before the word was uttered on the evening news. Escorts are more tuned in to the ebb and flow of cash flow then any other business people i know. Seriously, they really are.

What amazes me is how these disgruntled message board cry babies think that by brow beating some escort trying to make a living by hanging her shingle out (the ad thread) will work. As if suddenly the lady is going to say oh yeas Mr. anonymous troll let me give you my services for free because i know how hard it must be for YOU out in the real world. As if WE don’t live in the real world too. Its the sense entitlement i don’t get. Not the disappointment that they cant afford to pay for prime pussy, i understand the disappointment. I get disappointed too when i cant afford something i want. I either forgo it or save up for it. I don’t go into Tiffany’s and bitch the sales people out because theres a recession on and they should lower their fucking prices because I NEED to wear that bracelet. When in actuality i don’t. I can easily not wear it, just as these message board shit talkers can easily not fuck a whore.

They feel entitled to publicly bitch and moan, they try to get other shit talkers to join the fray, they try to get the lady to join the fray. If she does try to defend herself they further attempt to say “see that nasty whore doesn’t deserve to get paid, cuz shes got a the nerve to defend her business” oh and they bash any male who thinks being a loud mouthed rude prick on a message board makes all hobbyists look bad.

I see this going a couple ways, its going to get worse as more men who used to be able to easily afford to screw escorts realize that they can less and less if at all, so the disgruntled will become more vocal. I also see the ladies not sitting back and taking it, its harder out there for everyone and yes that includes escorts. When you get limited access to advertise and that advertisement is sullied by some angry little man and his personal financial issues, it very likely will lead to more ladies not taking the high road and waiting for next weeks ad to go smooth but to taking on these shit talkers head to head.

So its going to get a lot nastier…mark…my…words…

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  • Sakura

    Word!! I get this in the stripclub too: “there’s a recession on, $20 is too much for a lapdance”…. Lapdances have been $20 for decades, wages have increased, prices have risen and through it all dances have remained $20, now guys expect us to take a cut because times are tough for them. Times are hard for us too.

  • dviantboy

    (deep breath) I agree and disagree…

    The tiny prick keyboard bullies… Dead on. I guess they’re suddenly finding that their wallet size is more in line with their penis size and they’re mad about it. And because they’re more or less anonymous, they need someone to flog. Losers one and all.

    But, there ought to be a way to make reasonable offers against posted rates. e.g. if I can’t or won’t pay $500/hr, perhaps I could politely offer $350 and not get scorched for it. It should be a win-win assuming the lady isn’t busy and assuming that I will keep my trap shut about the deal I just got. But I can certainly see the keyboard bully trumpeting his deal and spoiling things, ergo the entrenched mindset of the provider that “Thou shalt not negotiate”.

    Pricing is always sensitive. And in economic theory, at least, sometimes dropping the unit price of a good means you end up making more money in the end.

    BTW, I’m going to be trying exactly the Tiffany’s strategy in some retail locations knowing full well I could be blown off, but I know that they need to move inventory, so… It’s just business. The worst they can do is say no.

  • Rebecca Deos

    I think its another sign of the end of the message board era, in all industries, not just adult.

    There seems to be a shelf life to message boards and their communities.

    Message forums in all industries are seeing paid memberships drop, causing layoffs of admin staff and therefore frustrating the remaining members. The ones that remain become the loudest, which then disenfranchises even more to leave.

    Soon, someone will invent a better mousetrap (more interactive type of Facebook or MySpace maybe?), and message board communities will become a thing of the past or will have to adapt and completely reinvent themselves.

  • Anonymous

    Dviantboy – You’re correct.

    It’s not being able to trust these men to ‘not’ go and brag, back-channel and blow the horn, that makes the escort never want to negotiate her rates. The message board trolls (there ARE some good guys there) are the worse offenders. It runs the ladies off, and they stop advertising where they know they will be harassed.
    What are the trolls going to do when all the girls are *poof* gone. It’s already practically a sausage fest on ‘TzER’ and many others, and the paying memberships are completely down.

    It also seems, as Jenny pointed out in an earlier post, that the self proclaimed hobbiests are the biggest complainers, and they are not even hobbing!

    Jenny has a good point here, and if more ladies stopped tolerating this BS- more work would eventually become of it.
    Also- I do think-Better moderation of these boards, from insulting the ladies- would bring the ladies back. These self proclaimed hobbiest men can continue to complain by back channel.

    Great Post jenny and AWESOME new website. Congrats.


  • dviantboy

    Heather: Anytime I’ve ever had a special pricing arrangement and then written a review, I always include the posted rate, not the special. 🙂

    The “TzER” (love that) culture is why I like The Blue Pond. I’m a moderator on that board and we don’t tolerate bad behavior of the kind you describe. (Except in the Politics forum, which is an “at your own risk” kind of place.)

    I don’t know if TBP a great place for generating business or not, but it’s at least a safe haven for friendly discussion and ads. If you aren’t already a member, give it a try. (Sorry, didn’t mean to turn this into a shill message…)

  • Anonymous

    You have the right idea, providers should NOT lower their rates, and NEVER apologize for what they charge.

    Like you said, if you can’t afford it, sucks to be you!

    As soon as you start negotiating, you devalue your product.

    If you want to run specials, (off hours, mid week, whatever), to increase your ‘sales’ by all means, go for it. But to simply negotiate every transaction is bad business.

    But if your customers are looking to talk you out of your price, do you really want them as customers?

  • dviantboy

    I don’t know. Customers in any business can be a pain in the butt. There are certainly bounds to decent behavior, but any business has to flex somewhat to fit the times and keep cash coming in the door. Flexibility, within reason, could be the difference between making rent or not.

  • Amanda Lisle

    God hun I agree with you so much here and its so fucking ridiculous.

    So I said fuck it, can't afford it SHUT THE FUCK UP. My rates are industry standard and used to be higher. So if you can't pay my bare minimum I guess that's too bad, go hit up a streetwalker if you want a $20 bj.

  • Melanie

    Agreed! These guys all come across as gynophobes, too. They need to be reminded that they couldn't have sex with us for free so they should be happy we are entertaining them at a liveable rate.

    The tides are changing. Rates are already going back up. The guys who think they can bully and intimate providers will get pushed off of the message boards and back onto the street.

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