The first of pleasure…

Little sprinkles of light twinkle though the leaves and vines intertwined in the brown wooden slats that cover my tiny quaint multi-colored patio. Espresso made from real southern Italian beans linger on my sun kissed lips. I squint as the light is blocked by the man before me…

“il mio cuore è pieno” i whispered in his ear as he bends down to touch my cheek and his hand drops to my exposed breast. More of me was full a few moments back then just my heart but alas…i digress.

I lean back and think about the long summer days and how i got here on this patio with plump ripe grapes hanging above my head… and close my eyes and bask in the sun for a few more minutes before i have to dress for a fancy formal diner.

“non sono fatto con lei ancora” i say in Cosentino… your sly smile tells me you understand my broken Calabrese dialect and approve of my sentiment.

I am a very lucky girl.

The photo of the grapes was taken by yours truly

3 thoughts on “The first of pleasure…

  • Richard Whackman

    Interesting site. Your honesty is disarming. Too bad I don’t go to L.A. to visit anymore – there’s some very nice grape vines out there from the look of it.

  • Jenny DeMilo

    Sexyologisy: why thank you kindly 🙂

    MrDickWhackman: LA? they have grapes like that in LA?

    Mangio solo delle uve con italiani in Italia. Non posso aiutarlo, è nel mio sangue di fuoco


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