Gettin Phished

It happens sometimes, usually its some dim witted bacon and donuts type that thinks I’m going to express in a private IM conversation that i will do XXX sex act for XXX dollar amount. I wont on the phone, or email and they want to do an end run around, thinking that i’ll some how incriminate myself in an IM. Good luck on that one. The men in blue have a specific way about them and I’m always extra cautious anyways, i find them out pretty fast. Plus they could never pass screening and i ALWAYS screen.

The other day i got phished and i first thought i was a a man in a uniform, but then it took a turn that made me believe it was someone just fucking with me, looking for personal information about yours truly. This person who was “new to the hobby”knew too much, for someone “new” they ask pointed questions under the guise of being a fumbling newbie. Like i would somehow give them some kernel of personal info i don’t give out to potential clients. That i would slip up and give them the little golden nugget they were looking for… AS IF.

My favorite portion of this fleeting online conversation was when he told me how nice i seemed in an effort to butter me up when i was being a reserved, suspicious, non responsive, bitch. yeah dead give away…

oh well seems my “fan club” is still out there with too much time on their hands, i hope they enjoyed my bad spelling and bitchy attitude!

5 thoughts on “Gettin Phished

  • Sabina

    When will people realize that if you’ve gotten that far in your current occupation, you’re obviously too smart and wary to incriminate yourself so easily?

  • Jenny DeMilo

    Sabina: I know right, oh well they never give up.

    Elle!: I’m your fan tooooooooo!

    Stacy: YAY! i miss you… and im so happy for your new direction but don’t think that don’t mean i don’t wanna still snappy your pics 🙂

    And too my anonymous commenter: for obvious reasons i can not approve that comment you left. It would not be right for me to publish all that mean girls personal information, no mater how much of a nasty trash talking bitch shes been to me in the past (and still is)… and people say i don’t have a heart.


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